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  1. yeah who ever it was in the bible
  2. DUDE AWESOME IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! instead of the BIG BLUE WRECKING CREW we can be THE RED SEA . I mean Damn look what it did to the romans LOL ................ NOT.
  3. Jesus Hell no. why? why?
  4. he plays both full back and half back
  5. It did change Phil , it did .Thank you for the memories
  6. I was thinking the same thing ... I was waiting to see the McConkey TD off of Bavaro's Helmet in the Superbowl but then realized the title said top 5 game WINNING td's
  7. I Started thinking about the individual match ups we would have when Minni comes to town Sunday and other than Chester Taylor, Tavaris Jackson and AD (who is out) the only other Viking I know is Shiancoe . yeah that guy that used to come in for Shockey and well I guess did nothing. Anyway I was looking at the match ups and though who do we have to watch for in terms of WR for the Vikings . so I go to their depth chart and start looking over the names I see Bobby Wade number 19 and Troy Williamson #82 are their #1 and #2 guys. I then go to their stats to see how they have been doing and
  8. Touch Down GIANTS Win.........THAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA GIANTS WIN trying to do my Yankees win Impression
  9. Damn I am a Prophet BOW down to me my Legions But Seriously what a little Bitch Kitna is. Now I want them to go no beter than 9-7 top's
  10. Jesus if Chase Is exclusive to only in the Middle, why not get him learning the whole LB scheme when they were in Albany. I don't get why they can't make LB'rs interchangeable left side right side inside , strong week middle . I mean damn it's only football it's not rocket science.
  11. sounds like BJ and D Ward may be hurt pretty good. or else why would we sign Pass?
  12. oh man I bout fell out my chair
  13. Boss is a TE lets not get carried away that he is only Shockeys understudy. I mean WTF Man you can not see the potential talent Mix had. He was just getting there he was making Plax-esq play's in the End zone He could of come on and been our #2 . there was no reason not to have him in opposite Plax and Toomer in the slot. This will be a mistake when we see him again in feathers and he burns Madison by plucking one for 6 over Sam's head. I don't want to see you get carried away cause he is tall .
  14. Happy Tanksgiving to all my Fellow Giants Fans,,,CLICK HERE
  15. yes it is Damn you should of just seen that last play by Randell El a pitch to him he looks stopped for a 10 yard loss he moves around and throws to Cooley who gains like 25 yards the Idians are scalping the Brokebacks pretty good so far
  16. Now I can eat my Turkey with out saying F-U to the tv on Thursday
  17. Nice run by Sellers to Hurddle the Brokback's Newman to get the 1st down
  18. we need every player to step up even with Plax and Jacobs on the field. who are you kidding? Moss and Hedgecock took that step today if our secondary could only do the same thing .
  19. I left a post in the GD section Sig BArs
  20. highsnap romo picks it up 15 yards back under presure throws off his back foot to T.O. tipped INT Indians WOOT WOOT
  21. good then how much will we lose by next week
  22. yeah fucking Cooper anyway wtf has he done lately :brooding:
  23. TD the Indians are ahead of the Brokebacks 7-0 earlier back at the Ranch: Romo had the ball bounce of his face mask he said he would of had it if only he could get his mouth around it
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