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  1. and have the rest of the night to drink it away LOL
  2. When Tom Landry passed away he was a Giants fan and did not care for Jerry Jones,
  3. When you wish upon a star....... Makes no difference who you are.................
  4. HA HA funny guy's it isn't April 1st. Who hacked Jacks account?
  5. he is saying we usually start 6-2 and the fall apart maybe we are starting 2-6 and coming on strong....... Wishfull thinking on your Part Nas... Mathematically yes we are in it but the eye test says HELL NO.
  6. All Luck too. Lucky to catch 2/3 subpar QB's in a row. That's all the Roll is.
  7. got to have nem update the Site we have been posting on a half busted site for years...... since the Antonio Pierce skin I believe .
  8. JPP said he wont be %100 til 2014.
  9. Probably will not be a Giant next year.
  10. I really wasn't expecting that much out of Hillis.
  11. Jeesh just read that Bud Adams ,owner of the Titans/Oilers passed away as well.
  12. I am pretty sure there is some other Major choke artist in our division.
  13. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap2000000265413/article/bum-phillips-former-houston-oilers-coach-passes-away-at-90
  14. Are you sure Gilly would even know how to use Morris and Carthon? I doubt it.
  15. Cowher is comfy with his CBS job plus He may be in contract with them.
  16. It probably doesn't matter who we want but who we will get . the Mara's will stick to the status quo and hire from with in and they will Choose as our new Head coach Kevin Gilbride and in turn he will promote his son from WR coach to OC.
  17. Da'Rel resigns with the Giants. Wilson out for Thursday night game against ......Da bears
  18. Didn't looked doubled when he pulled up short on a route that lead to a INT to me.
  19. Pssst I was talking about our OL as in non existent. Like every game they keep forgetting to get on the team bus/plane.
  20. Oh so we will get a better Draft position huh ? It doesn't matter, Reese will draft the BDEPA . He wont draft to the team need's. I really feel he knows not what he does. the only way we move on to greener pastures is with a coach clean out that very well should include a GM flushing
  21. Nicks seems under utilized that's for sure.
  22. Imagine this joke for a second ...... LOL instead of a late season collapse maybe they are trying to invert it LOL
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