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  1. Rik will Saturday night 7 PM Eastern work for you?
  2. I can move it to Saturday at 7 if that helps out.
  3. NEXT DRAFT IS SEPTEMBER 1st FRIDAY NIGHT 7:00 PM you all can go in and redo your Keepers now.
  4. I was saying the same ting to my wife. why not call him up? hell Cespool is garbage anyway every time he comes up to the plate he looks like a road cone.
  5. Everyone's Keepers are all set. Draft is in 2 hours and 15 minutes
  6. OSI............DRAGONS...........POOH BEARS.......... I need your keepers tell me the 5 you want by Noon Eastern time Today OR IF not I will set your team to Whom ever has the top 5 points on your team.
  7. too late tell me who you want and I can set them for you.
  8. So it looks like I may have a ghost team. I'll give it a week or two then I May have to offer up his team to some one. I will play the team if need be for now with auto-draft but there will be no Trades to or from Dubs team to any one in the league until we have some one to take it over ...... This is unless he does show up , then its Operation normal.
  9. This is last years Final Stats So I inverted it for the Draft Osi.... you are on the Clock. North Division *1.Jints/Yanks/Pens/NYR9-4-0.6924-3-02271.101923.20W-5221 *2.North East Beast9-4-0.6924-4-02282.701784.00W-1317 *3.Bronxrik11-2-0.8466-1-02236.501552.40W-79497. 7Big Handsome5-8-0.3853-4-01902.002085.80L-113610 10Osi724dasack4-9-0.3081-6-01402.501949.40L-5813 South Division *4.So.Cal Dub7-6-0.5387-0-01924.001924.40W-247 *5.Nemonji6-7-0.4624-4-01934.101950.40L-2710 *6.Dragons7-6-0.5383-4-01945.601933.50L-1658. 8Poo Bears4-9-0.3082-5-01698.901949.30W-11069. 9Romolicious3-10
  10. RENEW it already I am laid off I need something to do .
  11. I added these dates to our schedule . Set Your Keepers: Selected Date and Time Date: Sunday, August 25, 2017 Time: Before 12:00 PM DRAFT DAY: Selected Date and Time Date: Sunday, August 27, 2017 Time: 7:15 pm
  12. Hello, Welcome back to the 2017 National Sportswrath League (NSL) If you did not get an email from Yahoo or missed it Message me and I will send you the link . According to the records it shows everyone has renewed via auto renew which is awesome, thanks. If there are any question or improvement suggestions we can discuss them here. I did notice a problem with the scoring that I will fix . I some how had a passing TD of 40 or more yards set to 7 and I think that was added to 6 a QB already got for aTD and that would total 13 points I will go in and adjust it to match the
  13. he's his own threat now age and injury.
  14. When are they going to cut Dwayne Harris?
  15. We signed Snead yesterday so.... we good.
  16. At bat 0-3 strikes out watching hit into a DP hit by a pitch strikes out watching
  17. http://www.espn.com/mlb/story/_/id/18631714 No more pitching on intentional walks. Raising the bottom of the strike zone.
  18. Beckhams melt down after the Eagles Game. http://nypost.com/2016/12/23/odell-beckhams-frightening-intensity-is-part-of-his-greatness/
  19. What other VPN's are out there? Reliable ones that are actually companies that have investors ? I am thinking about going with Tunnel bear or maybe vyperVPN.
  20. Jon Beason Blames 49er for pushing him into a concusion , I don't see it.
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