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  1. so no matter what DG was taking a WR in round 1
  2. Etienne i think is more of a swiss army knife that Harris
  3. I wonder who WFT is looking at at 19? Etienne ?
  4. I miss having a regular Draft
  5. WAIT A MINUTE , I do believe this is the first time Gettleman has ever traded down
  6. GOD DAMN IT DAVID....... I was waiting for the pick so I can go to bed I have to get up at 4 and go to work WTF
  7. Eagles are going to get Smith Idiots where at 6 traded down to 12 now traded up to 10
  8. I Think we go defense with 11 Paye or Parsons
  9. Just ordered this last night https://www.ebay.com/itm/25ft-Solemn-Outdoor-Decoration-Sectional-Halyard-Pole-US-America-Flag-Flagpole/154357453505
  10. I'm Looking for a NY Giants flag that shows on both sides but not in reverse. That I can fly on my 25 ' flag pole. Does anyone here know where I could buy one ?
  11. yeah but if OBJ were to go to the skins he would probably disrupt their wr corps and mess with their heads and character
  12. For some Reasons....... this was in my Youtube recommendations
  13. Welp, if we win this game and WTF beats filthy thats that. I do however like that we are in an up swing and maybe in a couple years we will be more a perannial playoff team
  14. because He play's for the Giants.... clearly no one was catching that ball
  15. Que Don Meredith See ya next year
  16. didnt have a problem with it when they played Cleveland......
  17. OHHHHH so Now Judge wants to go for Field goals......
  18. over half the Browns WR's have the C
  19. wonder why they don't use smith more at TE and put Engram out wide..... hows smith's blocking? I havent seen many games this yeaar
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