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  1. well some guys are already signing and going to other teams today and hell they were a few days ago .
  2. I thought today was the day and yesterday was the "legal" tampering day.
  3. Is the Honey Badger possibly going to sign with the Giants?
  4. look at it on your phone and zoom in
  5. WtF is up with her veins on her right arm in the pic to the left.... French model that pumps iron?
  6. Did you see the ridicules price he signed for ?
  7. Why do we need to see what Nassib is made of? That's up to the Jags.
  8. I would think Lewis would garner more $ than Darkwa
  9. I don't know if it's vet Min I Said If It's VET min
  10. Also if it was for vet minimum and was for less than what it would cost to keep Darkwa?...... so no Dion Lewis then I take it as well?
  11. To be fair the last gm left us in a shit tank an we can't afford any top tier FA OL. I mean yeah maybe we could get one but then that's all we will have for the money then we would be tapped out again. We will have to build the OL through the draft. Not nessisarily all in this draft alone. .... that being said I am not seeing the benefits in signing Stewart at all. Gettlemam must "owe" him something so this may be the pay off..... just my speculation.
  12. You actually waited 3 months to post that?
  13. Also packers just cut Jordy Nelson.... history of injuries yes but would he be better than Marshall?
  14. Yeah I don't see anything... but people will talking about this all weekend and on the Monday morning sports radio shows.
  15. http://dailysnark.com/instagram-model-secretly-records-odell-beckham-jr-blunt-hand-chick-snorts-cocaine-next/
  16. Wonder if they will trade their 4th round for Flowers and Herzlich
  17. WTF LOL the Browns have traded their 3rd round pick to Buffalo for Tyrod Taylor WTF ARE THEY DOING?
  18. What if they are..... he was drafted in the second round if I remember
  19. If true ,one would think it's for the #4 pick thusly perhaps leading you to belive that the Browns will go QB with their #1 pick..... pure speculation on my part as of now
  20. Dolphins to trade wrJarvis Landry to the Browns... report didn't say what details were entailed.
  21. Wasn't it Allen that was at the Manning qb camp?..... Rudolf may be a sleeper QB.
  22. OL are running the 40 right now
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