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  1. At this point I have not seen any team talk about Dez. Is there intrest anywhere? I am sure if he wants to continue his career he will have to take the vet min.
  2. http://pic.twitter.com/0uRXfLw2SU
  3. I started watching it last night but got interrupted .. so I'll have to check it out this weekend.
  4. I Saw a couple blurbs latnight that the Browns , Bills and Giants where working on a draft day trade up / trade down . That sounds like Bills to 1 Browns to 2 and Giants to 4
  5. Nate berhe signed with the steelers.
  6. Vikings Just signed Tavares King.
  7. Share to scare the shit out of a Giants fan & get a Browns fans hopes up for the first time in decades. Sorry, we couldnt resist. (Disclaimer: We are not in any way responsible for any heart attacks, suicides or self inflicted injuries suffered by anyone in Cleveland as a result of this exercise) ---- dailysnark. A lot of people fell for this on Facebook today.
  8. Raiders just cut their punter. I think he was in the top 5 for punters last year
  9. Wonder if he gave Gettleman the finger?
  10. thinking about shutting down the league . I will be ultra busy during football season this year they are talking about working 7 12's for quite some time. I will know more as the time gets here but I am pretty sure Ill be working to much..... besides OSi is killing the message board.
  11. Wow Sony does have some intangibles those little juke moves, those cuts his on field situational /personel presents I am impressed If we miss out on Barkley I would like to draft Sony.
  12. IF Barkley is gone @1 we could take Nelson . I wounder if Sony will be there in the 2nd round. SO here are my two scenarios #1 Barkley round 1 then Hernandez round 2 #2 Nelson round 1 then Sony hopefully round 2 then its CB ,DE and LBers Wr what ever BPA
  13. They are going to draft a long snapper
  14. I don't think we are in the position to throw away 1.15 mill. It wouldn't make sense.
  15. Can't cut Marshall until he passes a physical or is already set to go to another team like Richard Sherman did
  16. Crabtree is available now
  17. I like Hernandez in the 2nd round But I think Browns go Mayfield at 1 leaving us Taking Barkley in the First round
  18. I am getting a gut feeling that the browns will draft Mayfield @1
  19. Should we Draft a WR ? If so whom? any one stand out? All I have heard since the Combine is Barkley ,Darnold, Barkley, Darlnold yadda yadda yaddda . The WR corps in this years draft has been invisible and quiet.
  20. Just because they signed Hyde doesn't mean they wont Draft Barkley at 1 same thing with the Tyrod at QB.
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