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  1. If we want to do it the way the NFl does worst drafts first I have to manually input the keepers for each team So you will have to tell me what 5 players you want to keep. or you can set your own keepers and it willl go random draft order 30 minutes before the draft. 1st to 10th finish last year 1 Romolicious 2 Jints/Yanks/Pens/NYR 3 North East Beast 4 Big Handsome 5 The ManningFaced God 6 Bonji 7 Poo Bears 8 Osi724dasack 9 Bronxrik 10 Dragons IF you set your keepers it will go Random Draft order 30 minutes before the draft no snaking
  2. Selected Date and Time Date: Saturday, September 1, 2018 Time: 7:00 pm EST
  3. going to do a whole new draft.... were you the only one there?
  4. yes thats what i have to do make sure mangers can set their keepers.... Sorry guys been real busy at work 60 hours/week+ lately Also My father was in hospital getting a stent put in And I had my son at the Cardiologist after soccer Practice he had chest pains. this week got to spends sorm father and son time today helping my son work on his car. ill look into getting it reset tonight in a hour or so .
  5. to vikes for 2019 Choice pick
  6. I forgot about my own leagues draft DAMN it I will set up a re do
  7. He graded a 80.2 to Solders 79.4 for Giants offensive Tackles last night. https://mobile.twitter.com/PFF/status/1033501040962883584/photo/1/ http://pic.twitter.com/DEqjvFUc0K
  8. Sure they are a dime a dozen but look what the redskins did with AP. (I believe AP was a straight up sign not trade though) That's kind of what I was getting at 30- 40 in experienced whomever's or AP.... may be the same for Stewart if a team wants experience behind the QB.
  9. what about a trade? Who pays then and what will it do to our cap? What team is in need of rb help? Trade for a 7th Rd 2020 or 2021 pick Colts?
  10. @art_stapleton: Concussion, in protocol. https://twitter.com/cuse4life26/status/1033168657650790400
  11. I have not heard yet, check twitter?
  12. they just picked Pressley up . They probably want to give him some reps to see what he can do before they start making cuts
  13. wow that was a great catch by Sheppard
  14. THE SNOOPY BOWL GO GIANTS 3rd stringers NOT on TV cant watch it on game pass either because I am "local" yeah 350 miles away
  15. Herzlich was robbed!!!!!!
  16. We do have a pretty good #2 QB competition brewing.
  17. WOW I know you will never see Eli do that . NICE cut back by Lauletta for the qb scramble Td.
  18. team showing some good fight not giving up. Nice long sustaining drive it has been a long time since we have seen one of those. Webb looks night and day from lastweek
  19. yeah hes just there for blitz pickups. Although he didn't know he would have to pick up the blitz while he had the ball too.
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