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  1. I like Wilkinson, he is a great prospect, he should fill in to get him developed as quickly as possible.
  2. I just want to thank Nesta and NeMesiS for my SIGs. They did them a long time ago and I lost them and luckly they still had them stored somewhere and I got them back. They do a lot of work for everyone here and I for one really do appreciate them and all the art they do. Keep it up guys.
  3. see we have flashed our capability in all these games but have yet to put a solid game together. our O seems to abandon the run way too early and (beating a dead horse) we should use the hurry up just a bit more and not wait until the end of the game when we are too far behind to use it. Eli and the team has shown that we can run it very very well. And when it comes to the D, Im still waiting for them to show up to a game period.
  4. I agree, let him go after the season. this seems like it is a nagging injury.
  5. He has said before that in order to get everyone else in their right position he is caught out of position sometimes. He said that he talked with Carson about this and they both play(ed) like that.
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