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  1. http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001092057/article/a-look-at-potential-coaching-changes-across-the-nfl
  2. Giants Rumors: Pat Shurmur Expected to Be Fired, GM Dave Gettleman 'In Trouble'
  3. He'll say that saying "come get me" to opposing players and coaches meant that he was taunting them to, you know, come get him. On the field. And if the Browns actually threw to him, he'd be right.
  4. Never should have let Coughlin go. Everyone screaming for his head finally got their wish and what have we done since? Shit the bed, that's what. And now here we are, going on 4 years and 2 coaches later, hoping they usher out Shurmer.
  5. This is what happens when we don't use admin validation. I turned it all off because legit members were unable to log into the board. I think all 12 of us are back now though, so I'll turn it all back on.
  6. Nah, they won't need him. They're going to the Kap workout. Do the math.
  7. Rudolph's got balls of steel! Running back after Garrett once his helmet was ripped off? HARDCORE! Fuck Rothlisberger, this is the dude the Steelers need.
  8. Why would today be any different than last week? Or the one before. Or the week before that. Or before that. Or even,the week before that?
  9. You're pretty dumb, but not because of who you want to see play.
  10. GO GMEN It's going to be a total blowout for either team. The Gmen will be up by 50 at the half and put Eli back in to rest Jonsie. Or vice versa for the Jets. Hopefully this is a game where Jones plays strong and builds up his confidence. The schedule is much easier down the stretch.
  11. Shredder could probably handle it.
  12. GO GMEN Just got home from work. Was listening on the old A.M. radio. 3-6 sounds good.
  13. In the words of the great Ice Cube.....fuck all a ya'll. Besides, how do you colo(u)r rush white?
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