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  1. Humor grade....F minus. Effort.......F minus Idiocy....A+
  2. Carbo looks a little pissed. Is there a solo record coming in the future? Carbo is like Chris from the partridge Family or Curley Joe from the 3 Stooges. No one cares about him. Poor Carbo.
  3. I am Lemmiwinks. I am relyoneli. I am the walrus coo coo cajoo.
  4. Is there any issue with my honor? If you have any issues with my honor I can't help but think I'm doing something right.
  5. Should I be hurt by this? Or amused... I'm going w/ amused.
  6. With fans like the Fab 4 who needs enemies? You guys are too much....or not enough.
  7. It's funny how you say honorary member to your club. This really says 2 things. 1) An honorary member never does the things required to get himself into the club. He's voted in or let in because it helps the club's name get mentioned or noticed or because he is well liked/popular. 2) It's your club so that means you are a full fledged member. You are even more stupid than I thought.
  8. Is this a list of people who know what a buffoon you are and how little you know about football? Add me.
  9. Complete waste of flesh. Is there any rhyme or reason to your existence?
  10. So I wrote this myself about myself? Think again. Maybe you wanted to say biography w/out the auto? That would make more sense and might actually be funny. But you failed. Sorry try again.
  11. 420


    I'll chime in when my bullshit detector goes off and I'll say it's such but debating is not an option. These fools have out lived their value. They are like a past him prime athlete on the field too late in his career but with out all the previous success. It's just painful to watch.
  12. I'm sorry that I gave you the impression I wanted to talk to you. I don't.
  13. 420


    Don't we know it. I too have fallen victim to trying to reason with these people. I asked questions about what they were saying, I showed in a civilized manner that what they were saying wasn't correct, I've tried to reason with them but I learned the hard way that they are not here to discuss the Giants. They are here to try to enrage their fans and nothing more. I've seen countless people come and go and try to speak them or reason with them only to be ignored. It happens over and over again.
  14. Finally some sense from you. What took you so long? I guess it's true that a room full of monkeys typing on typewriters will eventually type something of value.
  15. That does your reputation more harm than good. But you knew that.
  16. I don't rant so I'll just get to the point. To hell with Carbo and all he stands for.
  17. 420


    I feel like I'm living out the movie Groundhog Day. This could be 6 months ago on Giants.com. Booooring!
  18. I'm asking you dipshit. Answer the questions or back off. Your choice.
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