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  1. First Everyone in gets a round of beers........... Second, I told a hot WalMart Cashier that I will Streak thru the store Butt Ball Naked.... while glancing at my crouch, she said she wouldnt miss that for the world...LMAO!!!! GO GIANTS!!!!!!
  2. What???? and your a Kung Fu expert????? Live dangerously for once in your life man!!! One bottle of THUNDERBIRD for u!!! NYG NYG NYG NYG!!!!!!!
  3. Dude comeon now...... pepsi??? Lime??? What a wusss Ok a 40oz of Colt 45 for u!!!!! GO GIANTS!!!!
  4. Yes keep the orders coming. After we win......PM me we will go from there!!!
  5. If the Giants win I will buy everyone here a beer on me!!!!!! HELL YEA!!!! GO GIANTS!!!!!! NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG NYG!!!!!!
  6. this brought a tear to my eye, thanks Lughead!
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