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  1. I believe there should be an apostrophe between the n and t in doesn't. Also, non educated is the same as uneducated.
  2. Very rude comment, I guess thats to be expected from a non educated wimp like you
  3. I am a figment of everyone's imagination.
  4. I can do worse than bust through your monitor Damn right you are
  5. You'd best leave comments about my parents out of this before you really piss me off tubby It isn't big talk Gutless, it's the cold hard truth. And who says I'm a mod? Because I have a mod name? Lets just say security around here isn't what you think it is.
  6. You want some too Fish guts? Keep the smart ass comments to yourself!
  7. More of a winner than you'll ever be
  8. I'll show you cowardly when I dot your eye bitch
  9. Wow, you got me dipshit. Maybe someone should pour you a drink.
  10. What a pour use of the English language. No wonder you never graduated high school.
  11. This ain't Nem you pole smoking bitch
  12. This is something that Socal needs to do.
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