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  1. Maybe next time you can film her and they play it on the jumbotron during the game to motivate the crowd and the Giants. Just a thought.
  2. I'll be meeting up with and attending the game with someone I never met before either. What a coincidence.
  3. An empty bowl is the devils playground, I guess.
  4. Well, if that's the case, don't go with your sister. Problem solved.
  5. As do I. Would love to meet you there for some pregame libations.
  6. OK, I'll take the Bears game!
  7. Only if you provide me with a ticket.
  8. 420 and I will be attending at least one game together. Not sure which one(s) yet. You will see us somewhere down the line, GGirl. I don't know if you should be happy or worried.
  9. I agree with No. 1. Eli needs to step up in the pocket and stop throwing off of his back foot. Regarding No. 2, the Giants used trick plays often last season, especially end arounds with Carter. I totally agree with you on No. 3. Early last season , screens to Tiki and Shockey gained huge chunks of yardage. Around halfway through the season, the Giants stopped calling those plays. The Giants need to use the run to set up the pass more, and not vice versa. Good post, Blue. :worshippy:
  10. The fact is that even is Bonds was using steroids back when he was hitting all of those homers, steroids were not a banned substance AT THAT TIME.
  11. I saw LT being interviewed on the Jimmy Kimmel show earlier this year after his video game came out. I felt sorry for him. LT could barely string enough words together to answer Kimmel's questions. He could be a poster child for the effects of drug abuse.
  12. Great minds do think alike, UK. I was at the game. The place wne t nuts after that catch. Shockey had a few steps on his defender and ran a great crossing route to the sidelines.
  13. The FAG 4 are dead. Long live the Jackass 6. :worshippy:
  14. My favorite was Tiki's long TD run against KC. My second favorite was Shockey's catch at Denver's 9 yard line on the last drive of the Denver game, to help set up the winning TD.
  15. relyoneli


    He works out in a work pit. I thought everyone knew that. (Damn fat fingers).
  16. relyoneli


    I think I read that Tiki wants to retire when his contract is up, after the 2007 season. I would hope that the Giants work him a little less this season. The Giants have been lucky that he has not sustained a major injury because of all of the load he carries, but I think that's a testament to his workpit regime and the great shape he is in. I see Ward and jacobs getting more work this season. Tiki should be a role model for all rookie RBs in the NFL.
  17. Brilliant!!!! The greatest weight given to NFL Pro Bowl players are the votes of their peers, not the fans. And your point about Shockey skipping the game in order for injuries to heal is on point as well. As usual, the FAG 4 will ignore your logical and rational response, as it flies in the face of their self-serving hate.
  18. Pretty weak response, dye, even for you.
  19. All you add to this board is hate, Dallas fan.
  20. The only thing with poor conditioning around here are your thought processes. Once you admit the genesis of your hatred of Shockey and Plax is that they became the productive pro players you could never be, you can become a more prodcutive member of some other MB. Until then, kiss my ass, hater.
  21. I'm laughing because I am so used to lockjerk's hateful diatribes that I totally overlooked his unintentional compliment of Plaxico and Shock. I can see him stuttering and stammering about how he meant to type something else. Thanks, 420.
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