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  1. O' Doyle Rules!!! "Billy Madison"
  2. wow..... nice instructions bro!! B) I think I'm still to incompitent to accomplish that
  3. This is my driver, that is my beer.... Good Luck in '06!!
  4. no matter what, I'm proud of this Ranger team, plus now I know if our starting Goalie went down (god-forbid) we have a strong back-up... this team will be strong, aslong as they don't choke, which they won't with a vet. like Jagr
  5. trust me we'll be strong!!!
  6. God Bless The Mess!!! B)
  7. Jon Heyman SPORTS COLUMNIST At Mets' park, you'll think you're in ...Pittsburgh? February 12, 2006 The Mets are staying secretive about their ballpark plans, but Newsday has learned that, in addition to Ebbets Field, the Mets' other main model is Pittsburgh's PNC Park. For those who haven't been there, that's an excellent choice. If the Mets pull this off, they'll go from baseball's worst stadium to one of its best. According to a well-placed source, Jeff Wilpon told confidants about PNC Park, "I'd take it in a second if I could." Wilpon or his underlings have toured every new ballpark, but Wilpon is said to love the homey feel of PNC best. PNC also is known for its view, tougher for the Mets to duplicate given that they're a few miles from Manhattan, which can be seen only from the upper deck now. One goal is to upgrade Willets Point, which might mean folks needing a chop shop will have to go elsewhere. Wilpon declined comment on stadium plans. Sometime in the next month, the Mets will unveil their new park.
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