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  1. After this season, Reese may have a good case to offer Eli a pay cut.


    Something along the lines of, "hey, Eli... if you don't want to be crippled in two years, you might want to take a pay cut so we can afford NFL-caliber linemen to put in front of you."

    Seriously. Eli keeps getting hit like this he won't make it to November, much-less the end of the season


    Yea that could change in a heartbeat. We have a lot of dead weight we can unload.

    I'm with you, bro. Time to get rid of Tuck, Webster, Diehl, and some of the other old/oft-injured players we have. If we can let Bradshaw/Manningham/Smith/Boley go, then nobody should be saf other than Manning/Cruz/JPP and possibly Nicks. Pugh was horrible yesterday. 3 or 4 sacks came from him. High School kids right now can get sacks against us. It's truly sad and atrocious

  3. Not good, though if its to be any week then this is the better one to be out.

    True that, Prince will have S. Smith, and pretty much all their other receivers aren't consistent proven players, just seems like the Giants luck tho. We need JPP 100% too, which looks like he's far from

  4. Yeah, Pierce does get some cheap shots in. I noticed that when he's tackling someone from behind, he tries to land on their legs a'la "horse collar" style to injure the runner.

    Can you believe Pierce wants his contract reworked... I read a long article that he wants an extention and more money. Dude is insane

  5. And on the Ware/Bradshaw thing..


    Bradshaw is on another level..I think he could even be a 1,000 yard rusher if he got the right amount of carries...


    Ware..we haven't even seen the guy play vs real competition yet..a couple of preseason games makes you think he is now better then who we've seen battle off some of the best pass rushers in the NFL?

    Honestly, with how good our o-line is even our rookie we picked up is going to look great. Our o-line not only helps these guys get 3 to 4 yards, but helps them get to full speed with little or no contact so when they hit those safety's or LB's it's easier to spin or plow them over in Jacobs case. If you had Jacobs or Ward on a team like Detriot they both wouldn't have had 1,000 yard seasons. Remember the Jets cut Ward. We got him and our o-line and schemes made him a star.

  6. After beating the odds as free agents who participated in a minicamp on a trial basis, six players have been signed by the New York Giants.

    Per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, the team announced today that they have signed two undrafted rookies: center Alex Derenthal (Temple) and defensive end Tommie Hill (Colorado State).

    The Giants have also acquired former Baltimore Ravens seventh-round running back Allen Patrick, former Green Bay Packers wide receiver Shaun Bodiford, former Miami Dolphins seventh round linebacker Kelvin Smith and former Jacksonville Jaguars tight end George Wrighster.

    Wrighster broke the news of his impending release from the Jaguars on his blog earlier this year.

  7. My buddy showed me this site that has NFL news before ESPN, NFL.com, and any other site. Have you guys been to profootballtalk.com? I never go to ESPN or any other site anymore for new news. I read a link about the Giants signing 6 new players. Another RB, TE, WR, DE, C, and I forgot what the other position was. lol

  8. Except Ditka had the 12th pick, which is enormously more valuable than the 29th pick. 560 points more valuable to be exact, which equates to 88%. So that's not a precedent at all.


    A trade of this nature has never happened before. Not even close. And it never will happen, especially now with the Ditka's Saints as a cautionary tale. If you want to refer to that as "possible", then be my guest. I suppose it's also possible that you could fly to the Moon tomorrow.


    Also, the economy has no bearing beause payrolls are supplied by the league. The money for salaries is directly derived from a perentage of the NFL's gross revenue. As long as the NFL continues to thrive financial, teams need not worry about the economy.

    Thanks man. I know this move to the 2nd pick isn't going to happen, and I won't let any of these fucktards make me feel like I'm stupid. My title to this thread had the description of "my reasons why." I still srongly believe in my own head that Crabtree would help us day 1 to be a ultimate player. The price to make that happen is very costly, but I don't feel like we have that many areas of concern. If we were a 0-16 team like the Lions I would know it's a no-brainer that a wr at any skill wouldn't help. Example Calvin Johnson. You know, my best bet is to just drop what I personally think would help the team. Listen guys I'm no idiot. I just threw a thought out there. That's it.

  9. I was on ESPN a minute ago looking at the specs on both Edwards and Boldin. (go to espn.com, then the NFL section, then players, then enter in Edwards) Not only are the Browns wanting a 1st and 3rd for him, but Braylon is asking for over 10 million a year. Fuck him. I'd rather draft a guy, and sign him for much less then what this guy is asking. 10 million a year? Are you fucking kidding me?!? If we do get this guy it won't be for that amount. Jerry Reese is smarter then that. What the hell is this guy thinking?

  10. If you're thrown to alot, you drop a lot. Plax led the league in drops once I believe.



    Have you seen last years passes dropped leaders?




    National Football League

    Scoreboard | Stats | Standings | Teams | Players | Player News | Injuries | Transactions | Home

    NFL Individual Leaders: Receiving


    Receiving Categories: NFL | NFC | AFC


    NFL Leaders: Passes Dropped (Thru Dec. 30, 2007)


    Rank Player Team Stats

    1t Dallas Clark Ind 12

    1t Braylon Edwards Cle 12

    3t Reggie Bush NO 10

    3t Devery Henderson NO 10

    3t Santana Moss Was 10

    3t Terrell Owens Dal 10

    7t Randy Moss NE 9

    7t Brian Westbrook Phi 9

    9t Brandon Jacobs NYG 8

    9t Brandon Marshall Den 8

    9t Shaun McDonald Det 8

    9t Steve Smith Car 8

    9t Kellen Winslow Cle 8

    14t Marty Booker Mia 7

    14t Desmond Clark Chi 7

    14t Ronald Curry Oak 7

    14t Warrick Dunn Atl 7

    14t Anthony Gonzalez Ind 7

    14t Frank Gore SF 7

    14t Earnest Graham TB 7

    14t T.J. Houshmandzadeh Cin 7

    14t Darrell Jackson SF 7

    14t Chad Johnson Cin 7

    14t Amani Toomer NYG 7

    damn, those are some pretty big names. Like I said before. I'm all for getting Braylon, I just really like the athletic ability Boldin has, and I'd hate to see him become an Eagle.

  11. I love Boldin, he's as toyugh as nails, catches everything, turns short yardage into big yardage, but I would rather have Edwards.


    I believe we have a Boldin TYPE player in Smith, and I believe we need a spectacular catch type player to compliment him, and to get to Eli's difficult passes.

    VG, Edwards led the league in drops last year. He's had 27 in 2 years. How do you expect him to make those difficult catches when the guy has troubles catching ease catches.

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