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  1. 1. these 2 go hand in hand a more powerful o line play and eli maturing into a more solid qb 2. dbs playing agressive take the fucker out football 3. smarter use of the talent we have on offense
  2. not sure what the contract was but the giants grabbed him when the saints released him this week
  3. glad to be back on the board everyone. had to go for the obvious reasons. question for everyone. should the gmen through in 2 te with 1 back and 2 wr, or any combo of wr te sets now that we signed bo? parcells stated that the boys would employ a 2 te set and gave some interesting points about the coverage problems it would cause. a few of my buds and i were talking about this last night and there seems to be some good and bad,as there is with everything. with the type of te that has emerged in the nfl as of late i could see how this could be a nightmare in alot of coverage packages. cbs and lbs would have problems with 3 wrs and 2 tes dbs would almost always have to sit in coveage. do you blitz or sit in coverage on this type of set? i dont think that this is going to be the norm but could be a great set up for some big plays. the key imo is the qb has to read the coverage well ie. backside blitz and any number of packages.
  4. I don't see much talk about football on this board and when people post anything about football it quickly becomes a pissing contest with the fab 4 jackasses. I will visit every now and then but for the most part Im out. These assholes just want to get the attention every prom queen wants, when she is giving head in the back seat of her daddy car. good luck to all you true Giants fans. Should be a great year. GO BIG BLUE
  5. Some tool on giants mb said that kffl reported that Dave Brown was going to be the new qb coach for the G-men. I almost spit my coffee all over my key board. At 43 years old I can"t take that kind of shit. The worst thing is that he really thought it was true. Holy fuck I would turn into lockhart if that happened. Well maybe not Lockhart that is a stretch.
  6. I do feel that Hasselback is ok. but I'm not sure that he could do much running the o if called out. Of course he is a qb in the nfl and that says at least that he has some ability at this level. I have heard many times from Giants fans that the thought of Hasselback stepping in would make them shit themself. I don't believe that Collins would come back to ny as a vet back up. I do think that a qb with time under his belt would be good for all our young qbs. Just not sure who is out there.
  7. What does everyone think about that. I can say he is alot better than hasselbeck but that really is not saying a whole lot. He is a pretty good qb in the sence that he reads d's quickly and he throws a good ball. I don't recall if he manages the game well but that is something that can be taught. 6 year vet and yes I know he was jobless last year but he had a 76 qb rating for 6 years with the brownies and packers. Discuss amongst yourself...
  8. Leinhart may be in a better position to become a very solid qb with the cards warner can squeeze out 16 games without going down he played in a nfl type system at sc and has a good supporting cast around him.The cards have some studs on O. Young is my pick for Bust he will get thrown in too quickly and will have problems with the speed of the game. Plus I don't like qb's that try to make plays by running all over the place too much speed and power in the nfl d fence now. Watched him taking snaps from under center at camp on espn and he dropped two.
  9. Have never been a fan of huffy. It blows my mind that with all the talent on o he doesnt mix it up enough. Granted we put tons of points on the board last year but defenses new what we were going to do towards the end and became very disruptive.
  10. Great point. I think that using him earlier in the game to pound and grind it out is what the gmen got this kd for. Tiki is great but if we use him all game every game he will wear down after the mid season point. Throw in Tiki late first qtr. and mix it up with two back sets and defenses will have a hard time getting into sync.
  11. Is this Lockhart guy "the answers" that is on the Giants Board? He sounds just like him. He knows nothing about the game from what i have read ,but I find myself compeled to read his crap just for kicks sometimes.
  12. i am an old giant fan from da bronx living in virginia since 1985and as you can guess have lots of redskin buddy's . most respect the g-men but they don't love them. all of my good redskin friends and iknow football very well and we can agree that one of the best rivalries (sp) in football is the giants and redskins. just wanted to say hello to everyone back in n.y. GO GIANTS
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