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    jr I am on my phone
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    There is a one hour special of The Office on afterwards. For some reason it's a repeat tonight.
  3. This is a Giants discussion forum, not a Al Queda discussion forum or such Christian/Islamic topics. Please keep all discussion on these topics in the Politics and Religion Forum. Thank you.
  4. Final Preseason game. Giants 101 In what little we see out of the starters, let's hope there are no injuries and they play well.
  5. by Eric from BigBlueInteractive.com Approach to the Game: The third preseason game is always the most serious. Most teams, including the Giants, leave their starters in the game into the third quarter. This is THE dress rehearsal for the regular season. The regulars won't see much time in the preseason finale. "This will be a good test for us to see where we are as a team for an extended period of time, instead of having some guys play only nine or 10 plays," says HB Tiki Barber. "You need a game where you get hit, where you go in at halftime and come out and make those adjustments a
  6. Third pre-season game of the year. While you are here, please check out the revised "Building the New York Giants Forum" Announcement. Go Giants and hope we stay injury free.
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