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  1. They brought him back to hold for kicks. That might be a good thing..it might be a bad thing. Ackers missing has been a blessing in the past. C. Wagon.
  2. That and the buy out on his contract is massive for the next couple of years. Then you got the whole fucking with the Catholic Church deal. They could hook him up with several eons in the Perg for bailing on the Pope's flagship football team. C. Wagon
  3. Hey...he lasted five games longer then Clint Longley Blue:) C. Wagon
  4. Or bother to go to mini-camps and work with the guy in the offseason. I was thinking the same thing the other day. Eli threw the ball to Toomer...he aims it to the other guys. C. Wagon
  5. Me too...plus...he was tough (abit frail early in his career) and lead....nice list there Randoff. ...scary..do you have great memory or is it one of those deals where you remember every detail of a car crash?
  6. Another Tarkington.....I've thought the same thing. How a guy can be the son of Arhie Manning and not have a big arm, good to great wheels, a freelessness bordering on recklessness and (at a minimum) a red ass attitude is beyond me. Didn't he have some of that in college? C. Wagon
  7. I know Randoff....but the three guys we traded for are more popular then the one guy we got in return...and its killing me. C. Wagon
  8. You really want to be pissed....Rivers, Keating, and Merrimen all made the AFC team....now...what link do all of those Pro Bowlers have to the NYG's? Hmmmm C. Wagon
  9. . He and Vick must have been attended the 1st overall draft pick class on Coach Killing Mick. C. Wagon
  10. Just reupped on the NFL ticket Nem..only way to see them out here. Until then...I try to keep it on an even keel untiil opening day...or something really pisses me off....Like if Osi begging to return a Kickoff in a pre-season game and Coughlin said..."Sure...what could it hurt?" Then...I plug in a bit more. C. Wagon
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