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  1. It would appear so Dog. http://www.shastapop.com/ Enjoy. C. Wagon
  2. LOL....exactly. C. Wagon
  3. BB1....I'm good....nice seeing you around too. The guy is good in the 2 minute...no question...and it shows potential...I'm not down on the guy. Dog asked what he needed to do ...I took that to mean "what he can do better?" Think about it you go back to all the good to great QBs ....they all lead by example...they improved and did whatever they could to win...almost all the time. Think of when you played ball as a kid....wasn't the QB ..or at least the good ones....sort of a prick but you didn't mind cause he'd bleed right along with you? That is all I'm saying - Eli needs to be a bit more of a prick and want it more (whatever it is...first down, etc)...then anyone on the offense if you expect them to follow him. C. Wagon
  4. Talk and saying he is going to be fill the leadership void doesn't make a lead. He's going to have to do three things in short order: 1. Get in a teammates face and not back down. 2. Wave Coughlin off on a play and call his own shot at the line on a critical down...and deliver. 3. At some point, this guy is going to have to put his head down and sell his body out on a 3rd down run/scramble or a goal line situation. Not having the wheels for it is not an excuse...its a balls deal. In the almost 40 plus games this kids played he hasn't done anything close to that..that I can recall. At some point he has to show he is a football player. C. Wagon
  5. Five years is more than reasonable. Now the $20 questions, what is success? Pro Bowl, All Pro, Division champs I say given what was traded to get him (and what those pieces could have meant to the G-Man had they kept them) and the hype associated with Manning ...anything short of Super Bowl Appearance by 2010 means we pissed this down our legs. C. Wagon
  6. Nobody...I mean not even Ricky Henderson...refers to themselves in the third person better then you sir. Its use and placement is simply genius..and it has been missed. C. Wagon
  7. Its not something that even would have crossed my mind. Beanies and greenies, yes. But not roids. Been conditioned to think of it as the 90's plague. Thanks for posting that up. C. Wagon PS. That being said I am highly confident Gene Michaels, Eddie Brinkman, and Mark Berlanger never used them.
  8. Come to think of his....dude had a nasty complection too. C. Wagon
  9. Absolutely, everything is up for debate. I remember when he did it and people were knocking him (Aaron) down because of the longer schedule, night games, lowering of the mound, ...heck even the material in the uniforms and better shoes. I never remember Fulton being a launching pad...Bob Horner and Dale Murphy had some good years there but I think they had plenty of skill. I can't explain Johnson...but Darrell Evans was a pretty good hitter. He wasn't a one season wonder say...like a Brady Anderson. I think he might have hit 500 had he not spent his prime in Candle Stick with the Giants. He hit 40 again late in his career...you'd think if he was on the juice in 73'.....he'd have stayed on it. Som times guys just have a hot year or two...Maris was 19, 16, 39, 61, 33,26.....that is a odd graph. Evans was like that but he tended to up them together in bunches. Johnson...yeah...that one (and is later connection to Anderson) really sticks out like a sore thumb. Regardless, interesting point. Never thought of zoids in the 70s. C. Wagon
  10. I certainly buy the steroids on the Braves...but there are also other factors that would have contributed to Aaron's upswing in home runs after age 37....which would have been 1970..and the others MLB lowered the pitchers mound 6 ins and narrowed the strike zone in 1969...they also expanded by 4 teams in both leagues (Expos, Padres, KC, and Seattle) which water downed the pitching. It was also with in two more years that the DH came about and the reserve clause left. Meaning....for an old dude HRs was the way to go to get a payday. Johnson and Evans home run totals meant people couldn't pitch around him so he got better pitches. The other aspect is that right about the age of 37...somebody might have pointed out that he was within striking distance of Ruth and he decided to start swinging from his heels..he was always a good hitter for average...I wonder if his batting average and on base percentage dropped and if his walks, homers, and slugging percentage went up during this time. It is a pretty interesting point you make....but there are other circumstances which might have contributed to it as well. ..Plus...the only thing that got bigger on Hank in the 70's was his ass. I'm sure some people might have juiced as far back as the early 70's....but I dont' see anything in Arron that would lead me to believe he did appearance wise...plus the dude is 73 and in great shape...roids abuse (particularly before the dealers new what they were doing...see L Alzado) should have cut some years off his life if he did it form 37 to 42. C. Wagon
  11. Hopefully the Giants have worked on their Field Goal Kick return skills cause they might get alot of them with this guy. C. Wagon
  12. I'm assuming Earl Morrall in the 13th spot is a typo. C. Wagon
  13. Anybody hearing anything on offers to undrafted FAs? C. Wagon.
  14. Can you be more specific...are we talking just regular season or playoff games. C. Wagon
  15. Super Bowl 21....I had to eat shit off of Bears and Viking fans from 1971 until that day. Herm Edwards. Still makes me crazy to this day. C. Wagon
  16. Jack Ham says he's THE best lb to ever come out of Penn State. I think the G-Man could find a spot for the guy. C. Wagon
  17. Of the "Fightin' McShays....they are pretty good ballers when their sober.....which isn' all that often. If I'm thinking of the same McShays. C. Wagon
  18. The Lions might not do it...but Matt Millen might:) C. Wagon
  19. "Fisher's being as patient as a mutha f'er as he can. Fisher gotta win. Fisher trying to win...He ain't putting up with that s---," Moore said I think this guy might be who ESPN is thinking of as a replacement for "The Playmaker". The silver tongue devil would make Jackson's head explode. C. Wagon
  20. I love being a Giant fan....dude takes of the helmet off for the last time less then 48 hours ago and people go Sehorn on him by lunch on Monday. C. Wagon
  21. When he'd get up on his tippy toes....then walk on them up to the line........and boom! Rocket that rock into the pins....yeah dude was a stone aged Jessie Owens. I'm only half joking about Lorenzen....I caught a couple of his games when he was at Kentucky....as weird as it sounds...Big Boy was quite nimble. C. Wagon
  22. Them big guys can be awful light on their feet. Heck, Jackie Gleason - Fred Flintstone for that matter - was a great dancer. C. Wagon
  23. And no religion ...or a seam route...too. C. Wagon
  24. Makes sense...plus...then Boomer (to his way of thinking) is in the same conversation with Marino when the talk about guys that never won it. I felt bad for Marino this past weekend with all the talking heads saying "well now Peyton doesn't have to be compared to Marino"....WTF! Ok...he's won the Super Bowl now..just like B. Johnson, Jim Plunkett, J. McMahon, Dilfer, D. Williams, ......come'on. C. Wagon
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