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  1. Oddly enough, I tracked on pretty much every word. Feels even better today. C. Wagon
  2. Ok Egg...I'll admit it....I was wrong....ain't nobody going to remember the 2007 Dallas Cowboys. Collapse or not collapse - as it turned out, their playoff lose ended up only being the third or fourth most important victory of the Giants 2007 Championship season. Man I hate it when I'm wrong. Enjoy the Pro Bowl. C. Wagon.
  3. Had a little to drink tonight Gorilla:) Yeah....great win ever. C. Wagon
  4. Ain't no "i" in team...but there are two in Tiki....and usually about four in every quote he makes. C. Wagon
  5. Same reason the Pats were introduced as a time going into their SB with the Rams. ...don' t cost nothing and it jacked them up a tad. Its more for them then the viewing public. C. Wagon
  6. What color were their jersey VG? C. Wagon
  7. LOL....point well taken....but I wasn't looking for karma for you guys - seems you have enough. C. Wagon.
  8. Fun Karma fact...the heavy underdog G-Man wore the same away jersey - at Yankee Stadium - when the beat the heavily favored Chicago Bears for the 56' championship. C. Wagon
  9. Fiesta Bowl..... Man that was a great game. C. Wagon
  10. If you say so....but I haven't heard a story in close to three weeks which referenced to the Boys which didn't contain the phrase "After a second first round playoff defeat in as many years" or "....haven't won a playoff game in ten years." If the G-Men lose 07' will be remembered thusly in future years.....Pats perfect, the G-mans run, Cowboys collapse and Vick, You can put a smiley face on their most recent failure is you choose....but a dead dog with a smile on its face, is still a dead dog - egg. It's ok...if I were reduced to only being able to say "Wait til' next year" ...I'd probably use that too. But if I was coming off a 10 year prick tease like most cowboy fans are....I might might hold off until at least bagging a first round win in 08'. C. Wagon
  11. If they Giants lose they become the 72' Skins.....nobody will remember in 5 years - you're right egg. But what will be remembered....and brought up every time a number 1 seed plays a wild card team in the divisional playoff game is how the 07' Cowboys choked away a 13-3 season and home field advantage. You can take that to the bank. They will be held up as an example of what not to do every playoff season....sort of like the 06 Chargers. The legacy of success can be fleeting....but absolute and complete failure is always remembered. C. Wagon
  12. SI is owned by Time Warner and is based in NYC...they aren't about to bring a shit load of bad Karma down on the home team. Here's what is going on...there is a two week layover until the SB...meaning they have another edition that will come out the Friday before the game...Feb 1.....my bet it will have Brady on it and some header saying "Going for Perfect" and rubbing his cock on the Lombardi trophy like they're going steady or some such shit. This cover will have no effect. Relax...this fucker is in the bag. C. Wagon
  13. LOL I thought the exact same thing - 81 took him out of the play with his index finger. C. Wagon
  14. I hope the ice Vagas is have been using on its sore ass the last three weeks is Giant Blue. C. Wagon
  15. I can see that...but man when he squares up on a sweep and no jook...just a "Fuck you here I come" - I see 20. C. Wagon
  16. Excellent! Did they also say that Eli "managed" the game well? This is lining up nice. C. Wagon
  17. The only way this could have been better would have been if Madden and Michaels would have called the game - especially when their boy fucked the dog at the end. C. Wagon
  18. Bradsaw remind anyone else of Joe Morris? C. Wagon
  19. Don't forget to smear blood over the door way. C. Wagon
  20. Mick...be sure to also wear George Jetson shades and lay off a couple "He my quarterback..."he my quarterback" so everyone will know the apology for pissing away home field advantage a 13-3 year away ..is cool....in its own way...made you more united and together ..rightr. Why next year they can go 14-2 and shit home field away to the Bucs ...cause these fuckers got heart. C. Wagon
  21. Great pics Dragon....do you have any pictures of the O-Line knocking somebody's dick all in the dirt...cause this is going to happen and that is how they are going to win. C. Wagon.
  22. Money and TV.....TV mostly. The SB isn't just the game anymore..its "Super Bowl Week" and you can't have that at 10 below. TV is why the game is at 5 p.m. when the Sun has gone down in Green Bay and taken another 5 or 10 degrees under the Mendoza line and the wind picks up. The Pats should be playing today at noon and the G-men tomorrow at noon. But TV doesn't want that. C. Wagon
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