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  1. I haven't been there in a while, but the level of trash talking was pretty epic.
  2. It was a tossup between here and the Eagles message board.
  3. There will never be another Chase Blackburn
  4. Sort of, but not really.... I will explain below. Parcels and Young were in a pissing contest over control and credit. Parcels did not forget when Young was courting Bo Schembechler when Parcells went 3-12-1 and both his parents died. In turn, Young had zero interest in Belichick... he thought he lacked the personality needed for head coach. When both Belichick and Coughlin split, he made no move to keep them.
  5. Give a name and a reason. Me: Patricia Why: Everything I've read about this guy tells me he is the closest thing the Giants will ever get to 1990 Bill Belichick. Saban and Belichick are pipe dreams, and have a limited shelf life even if the stars aligned (and they won't). Why not: 1990 Bill Belichick had some rough sledding in Cleveland. Is Patricia better equipped in 2018 to handle the Giants than Belichick was in 1990 with the Browns? Verdict: The Giants have a 2nd round draft pick, an improved front office, and have Eli Manning looking to end his career on a hig
  6. I thinks it's a situation where trading him would be better for the Giants and Eli Apple. This was another Reese "Magic Beans" pick..... the belief that a guy who was universally scouted as one of the most immature athletes in college would magically not be immature after he became a Giant.
  7. Gettleman was my top choice to take over as GM. The rebuild is underway. Maybe this draft we will pick toughness over jumping jacks.
  8. They will need radically better equipment, and rules changes, and I think positional weight limits to save this sport.
  9. Agreed. Often times, young guys can be governed by the team psychology of the locker room. When you spend a shitload of money on free agents, it's easy for things to swing from great to bad with a few losses. There was a fragile team chemistry from 2016 that was shattered in 2017.
  10. Patriots are Belichick, Brady, and a bunch of other decent football players.
  11. Exactly. Gettleman got guys who could play. He was instrumental in building the team that Reese inherited and proceeded to ruin.
  12. Agreed. Dallas, Philly, and the Eagles have an extra home game this season. Shit is about to get as ugly as I can ever recall, and that's going back to The Fumble.
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