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  1. Reese had a very solid initial draft, but beyond that, numerous poor drafts and free agent signings that left the Giants with a poor roster by the time his time as GM ended. I think the two most important jobs of a GM are finding a coach and QB. Reese inherited a Coach-QB combination that would last together from 2004-2015. I don't have the stats in front of me as to how many QBs were drafted and coaches hired during those 11 years. But during that time, Reese was able to operate without needing to deal with those two biggest GM tasks. That's an incredible luxury, and I yet the rost
  2. Doug Pederson fired by Eagles three years after winning the Super Bowl (usatoday.com)
  3. That's steep. I hope they can keep him. He was an animal this season.
  4. Leonard Williams has to stay. They could franchise him again, correct?
  5. New York Giants' Patrick Graham staying put, won't pursue head-coaching opportunities (espn.com)
  6. Definitely has a Parcells / Belichick vibe in terms of being direct in his comments. He's a no BS guy without coming off as a dick.
  7. If we had Kevin Boss instead of the Bong Hits All-Pro, Giants would be at least 8-8 this season.
  8. Interesting stuff. I saw the video of Ertz on the sideline after the game. We need to get Baldy and Romohater (back) on Sportswrath.
  9. When Seth Joyner is ashamed of the Eagles, that says something. Seth Joyner ‘ashamed’ of Eagles after Doug Pederson pulled Jalen Hurts | RSN (nbcsports.com)
  10. Engram is one of the biggest reasons the Giants are sitting home during the playoffs.
  11. Line help (DL or OL) is always something I'll get behind. But the Giants really need an impact receiver...hopefully someone is there in round 2.
  12. I mean I've never seen anything like that. And I'm putting aside the Giants....they made their bed at 6-10, they don't deserve any sympathy, after going 1-7 they pretty much guaranteed they'd be missing the playoffs. Total embarrassment for the NFL.
  13. https://twitter.com/MichaelRapaport/status/1345950956106649600?s=20
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