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  1. Normally, I wouldn't even address this issue out in a thread, but there seems to be so much attention I feel a response is in order. First of all, the thread was deleted due to several members accounts being deleted who were participating in the thread, not because of the threads content. The members who were deleted, (not banned, but deleted entirely), actively posted, and therefore, the posts they made were as well. This is done manually, and if I missed a few, or some posts got caught up in the process, I apologize. Monty is perfectly welcome to repost the thread should he see fit. Your next question is going to be "why were members deleted", right? It appears there were some new members who were validated without fully checking out thier information. We have several tools we use in the validation process, and sometimes info checks out, and then later, we discover something that would have prevented the member being validated in the first place. We then have to go back and resolve the issue after the fact. It's not a perfect system and sometimes mistakes are made, and so we have to fix those mistakes once we discover them. Monty, as stated by one of our MODs, you are perfectly welcome to post here, and no one wants anyone banned or to give up thier membership, although if that is your personal choice, so be it. It is not Sportswrath's goal to lose members, unless there has been such a blatant violation of the rules that warrants such action. I am not going to air dirty laundry here, but suffice to say, as much as you feel you and your religion have been "picked on", you as well have given as much back as you have taken. You constantly name call as much as your are called names. We assume our members are adult enough to either take it and give it back, or abstain from participating. Our staff is only human, and determining who means what they say and who is "joking" can be a difficult task to say the least. We have an excellent MOD staff and they do they best that they can, short of being mind readers. I am sorry you feel the way you do, and as has been stated several times, no one wants you to leave, nor is there any administrative action planned for your account. We do, however, wish you to participate according to the RoE, and to keep topics in the appropriate forum, just as everyone else has to. The content of the forums is up to our MOD staff to monitor, and they have the full support of the boards administrators to perform thier duties accordingly.
  2. Not to worry....we know who they are, and we know what to do.
  3. You were not censored for your thoughts. A MOD asked that P&R discussion be kept in the appropriate forum.
  4. Our first Gameday thread of the season While you are here, please check out the revised "Building the New York Giants Forum" Announcement. Good luck, Gmen, here's to a great '06 season.
  5. Seeing as we Admins have no individuality and have boring plain old av/sig blocks, I was wondering if one of you creative souls could come up with a sig & av combo for us Admins to wear. I think it should be simple, yet authoratative, not team related (except maybe something like "Sportswrath" in it), and in Red. OH...and maybe something with a "twinkle" animation in it (no Gay jokes please...LOL). Other than that, let the creative juices fly. I appreciate you guys are busy with members sigs and such, so, no rush at all, it's just an idea I had. Thanks.
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