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  1. I guess it's easy to forget that he was hyped as being better than his brother when he was drafted when he's underacheived thus far. Not necessarily from the skills standpoint, but I recall accusations that he's just smarter than Peyton ...and yes he was hyped that much by EVERYONE. Why else would the Giants mortgage the future (Shaun Merriman)....to get him? I'm sorry guys, I don't believe in the guy. Sure he's got the skills but his head is JUST not there. He's completely incosistent and is a proven momentum killer in the clutch. I hope he's better this year....really I do, but hope isn't what drives the car away from on coming traffic.
  2. Eli openly admitted he was dependent on Toomer or otherwise he felt lost... for a so-called #1 pick QB ....That doesn't make me feel good about his overall skill. I really wanted to believe in him but I don't think he'll do anything this year as well. ....ESPECIALLY if his recievers have no confidence in him. (Most of Burress' problem w/ him) ...how many times did Eli have enough time to see the entire field, yet not look at Plax at all standing by him self in the endzone? Same for Shockey.....throwing their hands up in the air with frustration He's just not as good as Peyton...
  3. granted, but Dave Brown didn't have weapons like Shockey, Barber and Plaxico Take plax out of the equations and you have Dave Brown stats.
  4. after this year? ....sure, Let him explore free agency after this coming season and if he's good enough this year, offer a fat contract then. otherwise, he's Dave frickin Brown all over again. The only difference is he has the Manning name. Would you pay that much for as inconsistent as he was? For the negative body language of our offense's field general?
  5. which one and do you paypal? kradrox@cox.net is the email if you do.
  6. 10 bucks plus 7 for Priority Mail....open offer to the NYG masses.
  7. Authentic Away size 56 Replica Home size 2xl
  8. I really think resigning Manning...THIS EARLY.... was a horrible idea. I'd say let him play at least half of the upcoming season and see if he wants to play. If he's as good as everyone hopes he could be....then cool. ...but, if not....cut our losses and MOVE ON.
  9. ...I'm thinking about giving them to the first transient bum I see and take a picture. just a thought, because I won't ever wear them.
  10. true...but how many yards did edge have? we're going to need someone who can run block the shit out of people, with the fact our tailback is the size of a LB.
  11. oh, I thought this was a sarcasm thread... my bad
  12. I thought they were gonna tag Finn ....wasn't he a Colt?....the Colts won the Super Bowl, right?
  13. `Another good one was Lauren Taylor Jerseys a few months back.
  14. maybe the enhancements made his fro grew inside his brain to make his head that much bigger. BTW: My melon is about 8 1/8. What's Barry's cranium pushin now a days?
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