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  1. Doubt it. Why don't you learn how to spell moss' name cowboy fan.
  2. TO is not going to have a "TO year" in that offense. But he's always going to be there and present problems. I do recall Curtis Deloatch having a good game against him 2 years ago when we wore red. His size and good speed matched up with him, maybe he'll be used this year to cover Owens.
  3. hey

    Funny Quote

    Lockhart and company, try not to cream your pants after readin this. --Second-round pick WR Sinorice Moss (University of Miami) said that since he's been drafted he has received advice from Giants' TE Jeremy Shockey, a known loose cannon. "He's telling me what to do and what not to do," said the younger brother of Santana Moss (Redskins). "I'm thinking I won't do most of the things he said I can do."
  4. good for you why don't you try out then
  5. Way to go, this is a perfectly good thread, and you're tryin to come in and fuck it up with your negativity. get a life loser.
  6. That's how Tim Lewis' system works. And i fuckin hate it, it's to avoid that 5 yard contact rule and stay in zone coverage or w/e. Everyone praises lewis for bein a good DC and possible head coach, but imo he sucks. He's given so many weapons and he underutilizes them. It's his fault we couldn't have contaiend steve smith more in the playoffs. He makes will allen give 10 yards to every reciever so all the offense does are short screens and waits for a big play. This shit better stop.
  7. he was one of the best cover corners in the league two years ago. He just had trouble catching, too.
  8. Does anyone know if we are getting a good amount of cap room from this cut? Maybe an injury buy-out or settlement? Cause we could use a little extra money to try to grab a significant DT that may be cut by June 1st. or maybe try to land jay fiedler, cause i dnt see this rob johnson guy making the team.
  9. yea, that's the part of the trade that was killin me. I dnt rly care about this years #2 because it's a poor draft and we still have 2 #1 picks in the 20's. But, it's gonna suck next year when they get another top lottery pick. Chicago is on pace to be buildin another dynasty. They need to find another jordanesc player, i think gordon may be that guy for them.
  10. You were one of my favorite palyers out there and had the ability to be one of the best. too bad for thos nagging back injuries, i hope you can get back to playing and can become successful agian in this league. :worshippy:
  11. true that, he's going to become a probowl player in the AFC.
  12. that's because you're not a real fan you dork. He was the only player on defense two years ago that played with any kind of heart after sdtrahan went down.
  13. Moving him from the closer roll is the worst possible thing to do. The reason he is struggling is because he's not playing on a consistent basis. They're havn't been many clsoe games so he's not getting work in. Once summer rolls on and he's in there every 2-3 days, he'll regain his old form and dominate.
  14. Then why dont you give me an answer to my question. Then i asked why you have to be a coward, dipshit
  15. that doesn't make sense you retard. he broke the line and set up a ggreat opprotunity for another player. He's not the only person on their defense. Why don't you answer my question, coward?
  16. If the FAB 4 always rips on that board and how bad it is, why do you all still constantly visit it. hypocrites.
  17. hahahahahaha arizona is in a differnet division now
  18. lol you guys are so clueless.
  19. are you out of your fuckin mind? He is one of the biggest reasons to whether we win or lose, and barely ever makes a mistake.
  20. How? He has one job on this team and that is to long snap and he does a fine job at it.
  21. Giants 12-4 Cowboys 11-5 Eagles 9-7 Skins 6-10
  22. look at his active time, its already monday wherever he is right now
  23. Actually he's in another time zone. Europe? cause whilr right now it's May 7 6:20 PM in the Eastern time zone, it's May 8 2006, 08:20 AM where he is. It would've been funny if you knew what you were talknig about though
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