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  1. The loss of Toomer and Luke have been far worse than any of us could have imagined, but that still does not excuse the poor play by Eli. I think the up coming game will be the real test to see what Eli is really made of, hopefully he comes through, because this team is gonna live and die with him.
  2. Injury Report: DT Barry Cofield suffered a groin injury against the Jaguars. Head Coach Tom Coughlin said the injury was not serious but that Cofield may not practice today. "I don't know that he will (practice)," said Coughlin. "We'll see. It depends on how much he improves. He's limited. He will be limited and if he can go it will be probably limited, but nevertheless, we'll see." Coughlin said SS Gibril Wilson and RG Chris Snee suffered minor injuries, but he did not specify what those were. Neither is expected to miss time. Coughlin does not expect DE Michael Strahan (foot), DE Osi Umenyiora (hip), LT Luke Petitgout (leg), or CB Sam Madison (hamstring) to be able to play this Sunday against the Titans. The status of LB Brandon Short (quad) is less certain. "I have not been given the green light on any of them," Coughlin said. "I know they're going to continue to work with Brandon Short and he may make some progress here that I'm not aware of, but we'll have to see." Regarding WR Sinorice Moss (quad), Coughlin said, "He has made some progress and he's getting more confident. We have to see him more (in practice)." Thats all we need is for Cofield to go down, just the thought of Jonas the fat slob playing makes me
  3. dyinghard, i have to totally agree wiyh you. Also over the last 4 weeks Eli has really looked like crap. We were lucky to play TB & Houston and not a decent team. I didn't think i would ever say this, but the lost of Luke is a real killer. I have never been a Eli hater, but i must say that i am totally concerned about his bad play lately and that we will only go as far as Eli takes us. Which right now doesn't seem to promising.
  4. Posted on front page of giants.com Giants-'Boys Moved to 4:15pm The Giants Sunday, December 3 home game vs. the Cowboys, originally scheduled for 1:00pm, will move to 4:15pm ET that same day, the NFL announced today. Also the Seahawks-Broncos game will be the sunday night game on Dec 3.
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    Agree, also i would suspect that we line up Seubert as a TE along side Whitfield to help out, Just the thought of Lagree and Willie Joe in Michaels spot makes me want to
  6. Now Tyree has a groin problem and is questionable. Will this shit ever end? http://www.giants.com/gameday/Injuries.asp
  7. No problem, hope to get to another game soon. Maybe Dallas, i know relyoneli is going.
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    I won't believe this until i see him on the field looking up at a Eli pass sailing 5 feet over his head.
  9. Just the thought of these 2 starting as our DE makes me want to
  10. I agree, the idiots are back there and the whole new format sucks. My screen name won't validate and i too will not re register. Sad end to what was once a nice MB
  11. I can't say that i agree with Jak, but for the last 3 games Eli has look bad. We got away with wins playing 2 bad teams in TB and Houston. As much as i dislike Hufnagle, it is not his fault that Eli and the rest cannot execute on the field. It seems as the season goes on, Eli gets worse instead of improving. He has players open but constantly looks for one receiver, often over throwing, under throwing or throwing behind them. This team is gonna live or die with Eli and i can only hope that he comes through and plays like the QB we though he be. Because no way in hell is Lorentzen gonna start unless ( god forbid ) an injury to Eli.
  12. GIANTS INACTIVES 8 T.Hasselbeck QB 41 F.Walker CB 51 C.Emmons LB 54 B.Short LB 72 O.Umenyiora DE 83 S.Moss WR 91 J.Tuck DE 92 M.Strahan DE BEARS INACTIVES 18 K.Orton QB 21 D. Wesley 48 J.D. Runnels FB 58 D.McClover LB 68 A.Oakley C/G 80 B.Berrian WR 90 A.Garay DT God, no Emmons, Short, Tuck, we could be in for a long night
  13. Write up by Eric at BBI Tyson Smith was signed to the active roster from the Practice Squad in November 2006. Smith was originally signed by the Ravens as an undrafted rookie free agent out of Iowa State after the 2005 NFL Draft. The Ravens waived him in August 2005 before the regular season started. The Giants then signed him to their Practice Squad in January 2006 before the Carolina playoff game. When the season was over, they immediately signed him to the team and then allocated him to NFL Europe. Smith is a DE/LB 'tweener who played both defensive end and linebacker in college. He's a good athlete with quick feet. Against the run, Smith needs to improve his ability to shed blockers. He can rush the passer. Smith is still learning the nuances of the position, such as pass coverage. Good special teams player. He flashed at times for the Giants in the 2006 preseason
  14. Put Toomer on IR and sign Smith off of PS. http://www.giants.com/news/eisen/story.asp?story_id=22632
  15. I would stay away fr. Demps, especially after the knee injury in Dec. I like either Tank William or Ryan Clark, I not a really fan of Chris Hope.
  16. Agree a run stuffer is the way to go, but i like Maake Kemoeatu fr. Balt. 27 years old 6'5 350 and would come at a reasonable price tag.
  17. If we have the money, the choice should be Peterson, i'm not sold on Arrington and would pick Witherspoon before Arrington. If Arrington couldn't play for Marvin Lewis and Greg Williams, what makes everyone think he will shine with our DC.
  18. Do not see us drafting him, as our draft should concentrate on DL, LB, CB/S. But i do think that he will be a great fit for the Colts as he is good pass catching and picking up the blitz.
  19. I think we need a run stuffing DT and Maake Kemoeautu will do just find. i don't think he will be to costly and i take him over Clancy. At 27years old 6'5 350 would be a good signing http://www.baltimoreravens.com/news/teamRo...ails.jsp?id=359
  20. Agree, espically if a new CBA is not agreed to, the little cap room we have will be better spent on a vet CB.
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