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  1. I was skeptical as hell of ODB, not because I thought hed be a bust, but ya gotta wonder about a guy who pulls a hammy and then never seems like its gonna heal. lol He and Williams got me pupmed....theyre gonna shine. :)

  2. I've been ok bro... 2013 was a great year (aside from the Giants). My daughter is 26 days old now :)


    Congrats man! Glad to hear things are goin good for you. Hopefully she looks like the wife!



  3. Moore was pretty much a redshirt Senior on a NFL team. At A&M he was a standup rush LB, pretty much had one assignment to go get the QB. The Giants are taking it slow with him and teaching him more pass rush moves, timing snap counts etc. He's only 21 we have time with him.

    True, we don't want him to be another Osi, one dimensional. Still.....he couldn't have gotten a FEW more reps?

  4. Do you guys think it was more of a shitty redskins defense or talent we didn't realize with Jernigan. I was ready to give him the Sinorice Moss tag, them he had a couple good games. If he's for real, i like our WR cite, even without Nicks. I say beg up our O line

  5. LOL.....leave it to Rik to break out all my personal photos. Hey, man....that was after a night of hardcore drinking, she couldn't stand afterwards!


    Im doin good everyone, thanks for asking. Been busy starting up my own printing/consulting business, thought it was time to do my own thing. So I've been busy.


    LOL Seph, Im still not sure that would be a DOUBLE homicide. ;)


    Hey fringe, good to see ya....family's great. My son is in a dorm at ASU and we're all doin well, thanks man.


    Lookin forward to more insane posting, just like the good ole days! :-)

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