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  1. I think Donnell is fucked. After years of injury observation with the Gints, you can just tell when they are blowing smoke up everyone's arses. Pity because he could catch a ball really well.
  2. We are thinking of doing that as it's about the only game we could realistically get tickets to Edit: Hang on...Fulham is playing away...we couldn't really make that then
  3. Got confirmation...I'm going!! Holy hot spaff batman!!! Unfcukingbelievable!!
  4. That's a bit strange, given the topic being discussed. Still, I'd say EA is happy for the moment at WR and RB. Thanks for the feedback though, I'm going to go and do something terrible to the cat now.
  5. I'd agree that probabilty dictates that Barber is due for an injury. I hope it never happens and his durabilty remains as good as it is. On the other hand I'd say that Jacobs IS going to get a shot at being the primary back if and when Barber hangs up his boots. I'd say that Barber just like Marshall Faulk will go into the 3rd down role later in his career and stay with the Giants his entire career. As soon as Jacobs takes the starting role we need to address this area. Either because Jacobs doesn't do the business or simply because you need a back up to the starter in this area.
  6. As I said Team have to be under the cap at the start of the league year. 1st of March usually. Once that date passed then they don't have to be under the cap. Hence cash over cap. Read up about the CBA negotiations and it is explained better than I can.
  7. Thanks for the reply gmenroc. I'd say we are certainly looking at DT and LB in the draft. CB and Safety seem to have been adderssed using FA. That gives us Madison, Webster, Delotch, Walker, McQuarters and maybe Peterson at CB. Wilson, Harris and Butler at Safety. Top 3 picks go on LB's and a DT plus later rounds for another Safety and a CB if needed.
  8. I'm not sure why we signed McQuarters AND Morton. They do the same job!! Anyone got an idea?
  9. And as I found out reading about the CBA negotiations there is a substantial amount of "Cash over Cap" money used by teams with heaps of cash. As long as they are under the cap on the 1st of March each year then after that date they can go back over it to a certain degree. That was why the big money teams seem to be able to continue signing people. What happns though is they go on a Cut Bing just before the 1st of March. It is not very stable for the team but it works.
  10. Good to know the offences were rated about the same. I'll take your word on it. In my opinion loosing Joseph was a blow, I want to say that right now. However he was only one of many players to be lost from the starting line up in the various games. You have to admit that all those stats are affected by losing 3 LB's plus Grierson being injured and still playing? No? For me Joseph is about a 30% proportion of the over impact you mentioned, with Pierce being about another 40%, plus Tobor and Emmons another 30% between them. If you could name the starting line-ups along
  11. I hate to piss on the parade but the only way this analysis works Money is if the rest of the players on defence are exactly the same. And I don't think they were. The only way to give a true reflection of losing Joseph is to factor in all the other injuries that hit the defence. If you do that then he will become an even smaller proportion of the overall number decline. Equally you would have to check how the opposition offences were ranked.
  12. I just fucking love that!! And that is exactly what I would do. I'd even wait longer. There will be even more DT on the market on Monday. Clancy needs to realise that this year is not a leverage year for players that perform well in a certain system. Which he is in my opinion. If he was not in a "rotation" team for DT then he would get hammered over the length of a season. He's quick...really quick, but he is not a "BIG" DT....if he asks for even 5 bucks too much then I'd ask him to join the FA pool of DT's. ...then have a straight scotch and what the blood in the streets for a
  13. Ok guys so we are a day further along and FA has been delayed until Monday. This is getting very interesting. Echo, You really don't seem to like owners hey I personally think the NFL is much better than Baseball and the NBL. I stopped watching the NBL because of the whole labour striking and lack of cap. As for baseball, well you have no real competition due to the economics of the situation...and ECONOMICS should not be preventing competition...it is after all a SPORT not a goddamn Pty/Ltd internationally listed company. I'm not saying that these sports aren't a b
  14. This link from NFL.com is exactly what I was trying to say. Player need to realise
  15. It good to see EA say this on BBI. "We don't know the cap count," Accorsi said. "We're preparing for every possibility. I'm preparing for the worst case. We have a plan for every number in one-half a percentage point increments. We know what we'll do if it's $92 (million), we know if we know if it's $92.5 (million), all the way up. We've been prepared all along." That is very comforting.
  16. Good stuff guy!! So we are a day closer and talks have broken off again!!! I expect there now will be no CBA. That means this year (Friday morning at 12.01) there will be a low cap 94.5 mill and then 2007 will be NO CAP. It is a plar opposite thing we are facing. As everyone is saying...the players need to tell Upshaw to sign. They have the most to lose out of all of this. I don't see why they don't get it. No Cap, no insurance (can you imaging the insurance premiums on these guys...and they will have to do it themselves!!), 6 years before you are a free agent....I mean surely
  17. So the slashing begins. All these players I beleive would not havebeen let go if the CBA was already redone. Bronco's Anderson Pryce Putzier Bills: S Adams L Milloy M Campbell Panthers: Buckner There have been more cuts of course but these guys seem to have taken the bullet because of the lack of CBA renewal. I hope we are in a position to take advantage of the up coming carnage. We could drop Luke and get a better and cheaper Left Tackle. tick, tick, tick this bomb is going to blow us all away. I can't wait to see the carnage in Washington!!
  18. AND THAT IS JUST WHAT I THOUGHT!!! And that is why without plan A and B systems in place this game is as good as fucked!! If the cat gets out of the bag!!
  19. I think you're right. We don't disagree. yes the total cap should be adjusted every year as you said. That would prevent this from happening again. The cap is adjusted every year but the "new money" which was not covered by the wording was not included. There needs to be more generic wording to include all of it. "But i am not so worried, footbal is run by a bunch of republicans, players and owners, so their will be a deal." And that my friend, I hope is absolutely true!! Go the Republicans!!! GO YOU GOOD THING!!!
  20. I have certainly read that the 80's was when teams had OL's together for years. The teams could groom players for 5 years even, and then they would step right in and play exceptionally well in the system designed by the team. Player movement was minimal. Teams had depth out the window. That would certainly be good in general. Still I am not sure how that would work now. I thought there had to be an ageement in place by tomorrow? Is that right? If it is the case then it is getting fucking close dude.
  21. Well I'm not so sure about that Nats. The cap did work. You had to be under by March 1st. For example the deferment that Snyder has been doing will kill that team this week. With or without the CBA extended Washington is going to be a shell of a team by this Friday it is just a question of to which degree. To me it is time for a correction. Since the last CBA teams have been generating more revenue and the NFL has been generating more revenue. That needs to be put on the table, counted up and re allocated to keep in the spirit of the sharing of revenue. Some teams don't seemed to
  22. So what the was the situation in the 80's? There was no player movement as far as I remember. How was it structured echo?
  23. I really think we are in deep shit. The whole game could go down the toilet. Can you imagine an uncapped year? Plus have you seen the rules for what happens in the next two years!!?? It is worse than now. The NFL has been the bench mark for creating an relatively even playing field. I can't believe they would jeopardies that.
  24. ESPN Take on it Tuesday evening 1.3.06 I hate to say this ladies..gentlemen, but the sport as we know it looks like it is heading for doom. The ramification are enormous. Comments please.
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