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  1. Um, OK, but it didn't sound like asking to me....
  2. I came over from the NY Giants boards to get away from those kinds of sarcastic responses and you come at me with that one, and you call mine obnoxious, better look up the meaning of the word my friend ....
  3. didn't mean to offend you, do you forgive me, I thought this was a sports forum and not a classroom...sorry teacher...
  4. no, I wouldn't want to see Shockey at WR because although a very talented player and an excellent blocker it has never been said that he has great hands and runs disciplined routes, isn't that what we want from a WR....
  5. I've read all of the opinions and I respect them but I would still love us to go after a safety in round 1.....in my opinion safety has been a weakness on our defense for years....
  6. I think part of the problem with Shockey being used more as a blocker and less as a receiver is Coughlin, from what I've seen and read Coughlin likes his TEs to be blockers first and receivers second..and thats pretty much the way its been since TC got here. I know Gilbride gets the blame but I think TC has a lot to do with it .
  7. as much as I like Shockey and what he brings to the team I have some definite concerns about his being injured every season since he's been here . If the Giants have any thoughts at all about trading him then they better do it before he has another injury that might kill any ideas from another team about dealing for him. Shockey is a damn good player, not a great receiver, who is a good blocker and does drop a lot of balls that should have been caught . If he could only stay healthy none of this would even be considered and I think thats Reeses concern with him...
  8. I'm still waiting for somebody to tell me what Mel Kipers day job is, how is this guy making a living, it can't be from his draft predictions..
  9. I think most sports writers are more interested in filling space and speculating rather than being accurate..
  10. thats funny but that maybe all he's good for
  11. does anybody know what Mel Kiper does for a living besides making incorrect statements about the NFL draft ?
  12. if the Giants (Reese) have seriously said no-deal to the Saints about a deal for Shockey then why are they still sniffing around and why hasn't this topic passed away,is there still something to it or is it just fans looking for something to talk about...I wonder..
  13. I agree with both you and Martin, I also am not sure if we would have made it to the SB if Tiki had stayed last year. As big an asset to the team as he was he was just as big a distraction in the locker room and I do think he intimidated Eli with his presence. If Eli plays better without big egos in the huddle then thats the way it has to be, if you don't fit you git...
  14. I think the team has to take care of Snee first because its his contract year coming up, and Plax needs to be rewarded for his gutty performance last year as well, as far as Osi goes he's simply going to have to wait his turn. Nothing surprising about Strahan looking for more money, he's done this ever since he's been here and now that his ex wife cleaned his plow he going to be asking for money every time Reese turns around until Reese gets tired of it and puts a stop to it..
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