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  1. My dad said the same thing yesterday. Dad? Is that you?
  2. This is some real imaginative playcalling
  3. Love the guy but I really am down on signing him when the time comes. It’s like shockey all over again where I’m looking for him to come off the field every time he’s tackled
  4. I’d trade all the maras except rooney for him
  5. Carter won’t be a bust. The boss’s son knows how to scout premium talent
  6. God forbid we have an easy catch and run on 3rd down. Everything is a struggle
  7. I like Greg Roman, but yeah I dont think we are firing shurmer
  8. Thats the worst thing Ive seen since haynesworth cleated that guys head. I had the impression that Garrett was a good guy too but if you see his face during the fracas its like stone cold emotionless
  9. They got a gem in shanahan for sure though
  10. How about rob chudzinski or mike Pettine? They got fired by the browns pretty fast too
  11. A black guy named chase shredded us for 150 yards and 3 tds last month. I think that one might be an exception
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