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  1. Not a lot of opportunities but yeah I would’ve held off if I was in the stands
  2. He should’ve been cut in the offseason. I can’t fucking believe they kept him
  3. I think I’ve heard enough of Vilma on color too.
  4. My Twitter feed is just injury after injury around the league. Ive never seen so many in an hour
  5. Thank god he doesn’t try too often
  6. At least we stayed in fg range
  7. I wish you could bet on the giants having at least one negative yardage play in the red zone
  8. It’s like fucking clockwork in this redzone though
  9. Holy shit that was crazy agility toney
  10. A stretch run to penny is in the playbook?
  11. Fuck yeah board. Great throw great catch
  12. Lol how is that not a flag? He tackled him!
  13. How can you even hold that fast
  14. This season gets worse with every play
  15. All drafted ahead of our pick but yeah big drop off so far
  16. He signed Jonathan Stewart, who had been washed up for two years, as soon as free agency started that year
  17. He comes in for the first snap of every possession and then disappears. He was also gone for the entire summer with whatever that situation was so I don’t know what he expects. I do know I don’t want “Percy harvin” comps from a first round pick
  18. Oh right they changed the rule. We used to be able to change our mind on the option pickup up until next offseason unless he got hurt
  19. Pick up his option and let him walk after that
  20. I’m so glad the Wilpons are gone and the knicks were decent so the media can start focusing on this guy. He’s been living off his fathers goodwill for way too long
  21. Mara’s a bum too, he ain’t noticing shit. He had a chance to fix this shit and he hired a joke GM and his brother is still in charge of scouting. Bet chris was over the moon when dexter Lawrence was sitting there at 17
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