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  1. Then they probably Shouldve gotten some OLs who can run block
  2. Even if there were we’d just take a running back
  3. Yes, and PDub is right that the guy completely fucked up on the block but I just don’t think that should’ve mattered when you have that much space and a big lug in between you and the defender who makes any kind of contact. Oh well, it was a great play by Jones on 3rd down I guess
  4. Yes. He should be beating that guy with nobody there. A corpse in front of him is still in that defender’s way
  5. The open field play where he couldn’t beat a guy with a blocker in front of him was eye opening
  6. He scared me on that fumble we recovered. Had no clue fowler was coming as if his peripheral vision doesn’t exist. Still, one turnover in 3 games so I can’t complain
  7. No chance we get a first. Most teams know running backs aren’t worth a first round pick. Wish the giants were one of them
  8. It is so hard to watch other teams after watching this one. This team has bums up and down the roster that we got sold on. Adore Jackson was drafted in the first round at a premium position that you can’t have too many of and Tennessee, who couldn’t stop anyone the past few years, didn’t pick up his fifth year option. We saw why today, he’s a fucking bum and this old geezer who hasn’t learned anything about roster building since 1994 talked us into him while shopping at the dollar store for an offensive line
  9. That’s nice that Mara and gettleman had time to take a selfie
  10. Is there a 25th amendment for football team owners?
  11. Home game and owner gets boo’d out of the building during a slam dunk feel good half time moment, then the team loses like that. All good news if you want change
  12. Wonder if Lawrence will even move on the fg attempt
  13. Open field one guy in front with a blocker and he gets tackled
  14. He had no clue Fowler was there. NONE
  15. 2nd and 1 and you run a toss lol
  16. Complete bums all over this roster
  17. And they’re capitalizing on it. Nice job, Jackson
  18. I can’t believe that awful play got yards
  19. Nice of judge to go for 2 this time
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