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    thanks, take all the time you need
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    so can i take you up on that kevin brown with a broken hand and me fark?
  3. personally i'd rather have ward than bennett
  4. ugh, what an overinflated ego you have. even though it has nothign to do with me i'm personally offended by it
  5. wow, looks like someone lost an argument to money. wahhh waaahhhh, he's full of himself cuz i'm insecure wahhh wahhh
  6. sorry, he's on my favorite team, but no one steps to me and gets away with it
  7. he's having a rough stretch but up until very recently he's been a very reliable 7th inning guy. don't lose hope yet, all relievers not named trevor hoffman go through slumps
  8. Herc


    without a-rod the yanks woudln't even have made it to the alcs two years ago. the guy pretty much single handedly beat the twins. his numbers with runners in scoring position, two on and two out, and bases loaded were all better than jeter's last season
  9. Herc


    i'll take him if the fickle yankee fan base doesn't want him
  10. posada, jeter, williams and rivera are 4 players in the last ten years. i heard some crazy stat today that the other night the yanks started 7 home grown players for the first time in over 20 years. and i dont think it's because the yanks traded away all their good talent--most of those guys ended up being busts anyway. guzman, armas, parker, claussen, navarro, halsey, yarnell, juan rivera, ricky ledee--all these guys are highly touted yankee prospects and the yanks miss none of them. one guy i hear a lot that the yanks let 'get away' was jay buhner--big freaking deal, if i'm a yankee fan and that's the best player the team let get away then I'll sleep soundly tonight. i definitely do think cabrera's a nice player--certainly better than I thought when i saw him play last season--and I definitely think he's a future everyday starter for a decade type player. i can't say he's an all-star though, and that's what I see when i watch milledge--all star. as for frye, i'm still not impressed. i know what article you are talking about with one gm saying he'd take frye first overall, but that article was in december when frye was surprising everyone and had a solid two months of ball. but he cooled off and eventually got hurt. i don't think the guy's durable and I dont think he's a future star. bogut had a solid rookie season, he played every game and averaged 9 pts 7 boards 3 assists and 1 block in about 24 mpg. those are solid numbers, especially considering he rarely had plays run for him. if he plays 35 mpg next season he'll probably average 15 and 12. you can expect those point totals from frye next season(if he doesn't get hurt again) but i wouldn't chalk him up for 10 boards a game. i think he's soft. plus he doens't pass the ball while bogut has excellent court vision for a big man. the truth is, that draft sucked, and being one of the better players from it isn't that big a deal IMO.
  11. all milledge does is impress me. every single day. both his homeruns were huge, he has two amazing outfield assists, and he seems to genuinly enjoy playing the game. don't get me wrong, melky's been better than expected, but he's just another overrated young player in new york. new yorkers tend to overrate all the young players since we're all used to trades and free agent signings. shane spencer, kevin maas(good one, whoever mentioned that), chen ming wang (will never be more than a #2), channing frye, nate robinson, john wallace, trevor ariza, michael sweetney, frank williams (say what you want now, but all these knick players were overhyped whenever they had a good week), alex escobar, dioner navarro, the list goes on and on and on. even robinson cano, while i'll conceed will be a good player, is treated like the 2nd coming of roberto alomar--dream on yankee fans. even today im listening to mike and the maddog and they're talking about how no one mentions the yankees in the willis rumors and mike goes "well they won't trade him to the yanks unless cano or wang are in the deal, and obviously the yanks wont do that" WHY? why the hell wouldn't you trade chin ming wang for dontrelle willis? this isn't a 35 year old overpaid has been, this is a young pitcher who's still like 2 years away from free agency. he's two years younger than wang!!! i've never ever seen so many people excited about a guy who's working on his 2nd straight season with an era over 4.00--there's no reason why wang should be untouchable unless the player is very old
  12. performance enhancers is a million dollar industry--an industry that uncle sam isn't getting his cut of. even in the tax code there are specific sections dealing with reporting income from illegal activities. it also deals with writing off business expenses. i wonder if some stupid drug dealer has ever written off the ak-47's he had to buy as a business expense.
  13. cabrera's been better than expected, but not THAT much better. milledge has already had a huge homerun and an incredible assist on a throw to 3rd from RF, and he's had way less at bats. milledge has a much higher ceiling
  14. what this guy does is WAY worse than what money did. every single one of his posts are just links to stories on his page
  15. i'd rather have a 5th rounder making less than that and having a better chance of contributing to the team
  16. yeah it's a shame they dont have a good starting qb, that depth does a lot of good
  17. yep, thanks to clowns like dolan and mike "I hate sports stadiums" lupica, we have no football team in new york, and the only teams that play in manhattan are the knicks and rangers larry brown doesn't want to leave the knicks, he wants to stay on and coach. isiah thomas has undermined larry brown from the start and has let players go behind larry's back and bitch to isiah. for whatever reason isiah has charmed dolan enough to not only keep his job for this long, but also convince him that a hall of fame coach is at fault for a team that's poorly constructed and take a 40 million dollar hit for less than one year's employment and 23 wins. when you give a guy a 5 year 50 million dollar contract, you are making a committment to work with him for the betterment of the team--so when one of your most important employees in the company requests a meeting with you, you don't turn him down. you don't let your gm and coach hold separate exit meetings, and you CERTAINLY don't ignore a guy for 3 weeks, and then leak all this buy out shit to the new york papers while your 50 million dollar investment is having bladder surgery. no class at all
  18. when they traded ewing for glen rice and travis knight instead of letting him finish out his contract and have his 18 mil come off the books. oh and the allen houston contract--both of them were terrible, but the 100 mil one really hurt the team
  19. it's completely up to jacobs. the giants have a very capable backup running back in derrick ward, if jacobs gets more carries, it will be because he beat ward out for the job, i dont see coughlin force-feeding jacobs
  20. there's only one thing tanyon sturtz is good at
  21. if anything i think collins got a bum rap in this town and on these boards--just like fassel. but that can be attributed to the steinbrennerization of ny sports fans
  22. my dad tried to hit me once but i flexed and his fist fell off his hand
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