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  1. 38 minutes ago, CrazedDogs said:

    After watching the all 22 view I now think it was a broken play or miscommunication in the huddle.

    The left side of the line was blocking out, pushing defenders to the edge.... Basically Rudolph in particular helped put the defensive player in position to make the play. 

    And I interpret Rudolph's body language after the play as 'what the fuck was that, why you out here DJ?'

    I saw a couple folks observe that Jones could have tried to throw to Rudolph. Definitely not true, there was no throwing lane there, and Rudolph hadn't made himself available anyway; he was only planning to block on that play, clearly thought it was a designed run.

    I only saw the play once but I remember thinking he had the southwest corner of the end zone too but didn’t commit to it fast enough and looked at a closer run first

  2. Yeah Hernandez made it easier to swallow.  The rationale being there was a chance that star rb + 2nd best guard was better than best guard + whoever we would’ve taken in the 2nd round.  I was prob just trying to be optimistic though 

  3. 43 minutes ago, mastershake said:

    I would advise the Giants, and any franchise for that matter, don't draft a RB high and don't pay a free agent RB big money IF you do not already have a capable team in place. You can easily build a good team without having a top flight RB. Look at the Rams (3rd rounder in Henderson), Cardinals (4th rounder in Edmonds and Conner), Bills (two 3rd rounders in Moss and Singletary), Ravens, (who are excelling with a bunch of backups at this point), Packers (5th rounder in Jones), Chargers (undrafted Ekeler).

    Everyone wants a Derrick Henry, Zeke, or Nick Chubb, and yes they make life a lot easier on offense, but I'm just saying you don't build your offense around these guys. If you have the rest of the pieces in place, I have no problem going out and grabbing a RB in rounds 1-2 but again you need to build a capable team first.

    Yep.  Between high supply and short shelf life running backs are the last piece of the puzzle.  It’s been common knowledge for at least a decade but of course our front office was the last to learn it 

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