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  1. Personally, I hope he comes back and does very well. Heck, 2 years ago we were talking about how on earth we can keep both Cruz and Nicks because both were going to want 12 million a year. We finally settled on Cruz which left little money to resign Nicks. Players have come back from injury before. Nicks was a stud receiver at one time and he's only 27 years old. In general, scientific studies show that males reach their peak athleticism and strength at 29 years old and begin producing less natural testosterone around age 30. In some sports (i.e., pitching in MLB), athletes actually get better because they rely more on their brain and experience instead of superior athleticism. Victor Cruz is 2 years older than Nicks, but we still hold out hope that he'll return next year at 30 years old. Regardless...if he can help the Giants this season, then I support him 100%. I don't know if he'll ever have the speed and cuts he used to have, but if I remember rightly, he had ridiculously huge hands (the largest of any football player in the NFL)...had freak hands the size of baseball gloves. If he can pull in some of Eli's throws - should be a good signing. And Eli has been a really hot QB this year with very - even deadly - accurate throws. He needs receivers with good sticky hands. Loved Nicks' statement to the press. "I'm like an old dog that takes off and gets lost, but eventually always finds his way back home and thankfully, the master left the backdoor open for me". Cool analogy!
  2. What I read into this more than anything is that the coaches don't have a lot of faith in Geremy Davis. They've thrown at him three times this season and he's caught two balls for 21 yards. Has 4 tackles on special teams. Supposedly he's strong as an ox and has a body like a Greek God and never fumbles a football. In college with a bad QB, he never dropped a pass and caught everything near him. Maybe he is having trouble with learning his routes or maybe he has trouble shaking a defender to get open...I don't know. But I would give him more opportunities than Nicks.
  3. I was never a huge fan of Beatty either, but he was definitely better than Newhouse. I was appalled at the contract we gave him. We paid him like he was a perennial pro-bowler. But I understood that one of the hardest positions to fill is a good left tackle to protect the right handed QB's blind side. It wasn't like there were a lot of options when we gave Beatty the treasure chest of gold. So glad we have Flowers and that he's working out. He'll get even better over time. We need a stud RT, some LB's, a true free safety, and definitely someone who can disrupt the opposing QB with some edge rushers. I don't think we need more RB's...simply focus on Vereen and Darkwa and Jennings as backup. Williams has basically proven he's not up for the task (IMO). And I still believe that a good RB has a lot to do with a good O-line...just look at how DeMarco does in Philly without Dallas' o-line. It was discovered that it really helped his career to run behind a truly gifted o-line.
  4. LMAO A shame really, but the Giants will have a lot of cash for free agents next year - even if they don't cut him. I don't know whose going to be a FA, but you can bet your ass the Giants will go all out for the top guy available. And they better concentrate on the backside of the defense as well.
  5. Fun fact that I threw on another thread about the upcoming game with the Pats. Tom Coughlin is 5-1 in his NFL head-coaching career against Bill Belichick. 2-0 when Coughlin’s Jaguars beat Belichick’s Browns twice in 1995 1-1 in two Giants-Patriots regular-season games and most famously, 2-0 in Super Bowls TC is inside Belichick's head.
  6. Interesting article in this morning's NY Post Did you know that Coughlin is 5-1 against Belichick? TC was 2-0 against Belichick when he had the Jaguars He is 1-1 against him in regular season with the Giants He is 2-0 against him in Super Bowls http://nypost.com/2015/11/10/why-the-patriots-battle-is-a-house-money-game-for-giants/ I believe that the Giants will give the Patriots a game. Maybe not win, but they'll show some fire. With a little luck and a good bounce of the funny shaped football - there's always a chance.
  7. It will definitely be an interesting game....knock on wood. Giants seem to get up for the Pats though and Belichick loses his cool easy when TC outsmarts him. Anything could happen, but my bet is that the Giants lose this one. I just hope they don't get a big lead and then throw it away in the 4th. Those games are medically dangerous to us fans.
  8. I'm glad they resigned Nix as he has some promise. Don't know much about Hughes. 25 yrs old, 6-4, 350 lbs, voted best defensive player of the Tennessee Volunteers in college, and a 5th round draft pick by the Colts in 2013 as a nose tackle. Hope he can stuff a run.
  9. Collins is built and ready to be a star NFL strong safety. But that's not where they are playing him and have made him play the free safety spot. To be a great free safety, he'd have to shed a lot of weight and muscle in order to be faster and quicker in order to keep up with the slightly built darting/speedy receivers. As a strong safety being forced into the free safety position, he's done pretty well. He'll eventually be moved into the strong safety position and probably be a perennial pro-bowler. But since we don't have a legit free safety, he's been thrown into that position as a rook. Gotta give him credit for doing what he is told and putting it all out there on the field. He's not only learning a position he's never played....he's learning the position in the NFL as a rookie. Cut the kid some slack...a lot of slack.
  10. Yeah, he really sucked the week before, but he had a hell of a game against Tampa. Hopefully, he keeps it up as we are short again on linebackers. I like Collins a lot, but they are playing him as a free safety when he is obviously a strong safety.
  11. I started watching the game with the desire that the Cowboys beat the Eagles. However, I just couldn't do it as I simply cannot stand the Cowboys even though I knew it would be beneficial to us if they won. Made me sick to my stomach when they did anything good. I just wished there was someway both teams could lose. A tie would have been okay I suppose. Regardless, the Giants better get their act together and get healthy if they want a shot at the playoffs. The good news is (maybe) that the Giants have shown under Coughlin that they get better as the season progresses and have their best records built on the second half of the season's games.
  12. eg. if he has a torn pec tendon like Beatty ...hes done , but if it is a torn pec muscle like Prince .....he could be back in 4 weeks[/size] http://nypost.com/2015/11/08/giants-dealt-major-blow-as-best-run-stuffer-likely-done-for-year/
  13. Well - the loss of Hankins for the year is a big blow. Bromley has been coming along quite nicely, but he's not Hankins when it comes to stuffing the run. I suspect that the Giants will resign Louis Nix who they cut a couple of weeks ago. It sucks that just as we are starting to get some of our starters back, we lose a steady starter that we weren't expecting to lose. Hopefully, we get Prince and Beatty back quickly. I think Prince comes back for this week's game, and Beatty the game after our bye week. Someone can correct me on that. We need to be in healthy shape when we face the Eagles again. After beating the Cowboys last night, the Eagles are right on the Giants' heels for the division lead.
  14. Not on youTube yet, but is on SB Nation. Never laughed so hard in all my life. Will post YouTube once it's up. For now, you have to go here and watch the first video - LMAO : http://www.sbnation.com/lookit/2015/11/8/9692246/rob-riggle-ken-jeong-make-hilarious-adele-parody-about-nfc-east Okay, took awhile but finally on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GFmA4JG5_8c
  15. Good point...totally forgot that we've already split with the boys. We must beat the Eagles to have a shot at winning the division. I feel confident we'll sweep the skins. But who knows - footballs take funny bounces and there will be days when you face a QB like Brees on his best day of his life...or a Kaepernick on his worst day. Getting our starters back and possible injuries will determine our fate this season.
  16. Oh yeah...I'm surprised that you're surprised chuckles. NFC East W L T NY Giants 4 4 0 Redskins 3 4 0 Eagles 3 4 0 Cowboys 2 5 0 --------------------------- Two of our losses are to the Cowboys and the Eagles and one of our wins is against the Redskins. Therefore, if we beat the Eagles and Cowboys in our second games against them (this time at Met Life Stadium), then we split at best (assuming we lose to the Skins). If we beat the skins for 2 wins this season, we walk away with the division. So in the case of a tied overall record, the Giants would be in good shape. However, right now their defense is so bad that they are not worthy of the playoffs. But we can back in thanks to the crappy play of the teams in our division.
  17. Unfortunately you are probably spot on. If we got our key players back and we dodged injuries for the rest of the season - we have a shot at the whole enchilada. The Giants play best towards the end of the season (if recent history tells us anything). Realistically though, we squeak it out and win our division as it eats itself and we're left standing at 8-8, but 1 win better than the runner up in our division. Then we get knocked out of the playoffs when we face a real test. Hopefully, I'm wrong and we end up 10-6 and get hot late and have another parade down Broadway next January!
  18. That's a good point. I've followed Kuhn in the games and he's always in on the action and isn't getting pushed around.
  19. Would make sense. Too bad there aren't any top shelf guys available and we have to dig through the trash heap to find someone to fill the position. Not saying that Lacosse is trash, but no team drafted him and no team picked him up after we cut him either. Maybe he'll be one of those "best kept secrets" all teams hope for.
  20. It's easy to complain, but truth is - this was an epic game - an incredible game that will be remembered for years. Records galore were set. Eli showed he's Elite Eli. Odell proves he is a stud. And Vereen is by far, our best pickup in FA. Just think about it....the Saints are up 42-28 and the Giants scored 21 points in five minutes to go ahead, 49-42. That is amazing. Had they played out the last drive with the intention of running out the clock to go into overtime instead of trying for a win, the outcome MIGHT have been different, although we probably would have lost in OT (IMO) the way Brees was playing out of his skull. So Eli takes some shots down the field in hopes of a PI call or a great catch to put them in FG range to win the game. So they gambled and they lost. Such is the game of football. At least it was entertaining and not a huge beatdown or a loss within our division. The only thing to bitch about is the mess that is our defense. But in reality, key injuries from JPP to Prince to Beason has a lot to do with it. There are better days ahead for this defense.
  21. It's always a glorious day when the Cowboys are imploding. They sign every NFL criminal and/or head case who can't find a team and then wonder why the guy doesn't become a choir boy as the team goes to shit. As far as I'm concerned, the Cowboys will never be a SB contender until they plant Jerry Jones. For that reason, I wish him a long life!
  22. No doubt our defense is in shambles. The idea that another coach could use the same players and hold the Saints and Brees to just a few points is insane. The defense is banged up bad. From day one, the loss of JPP created a huge problem and not something that could be fixed by pouring millions into a free agent. Selvie has promise, but is hobbled. Moore has flairs of greatness, but is a fucking moron who likes to make a great play only to have if nullified and moved forward 15 yards because of the stupidest of penalties. Prince is down...and that's huge. Half our LB and Safety crew is out because of injuries. And Hankins - who is a genuine stud...or was last year - seems to have regressed. O-Diggy has promise but is out with injuries and we are signing guys off the street to replace critical positions in defense. Regardless - I believed we were going to lose this game from the start. We have lost every single game we've played in the Superdome for over 20 years. It has made mince meat out of Eli (he's 0-3 there) and all previous QB's since the early 90's. The crowd roar fills the dome and for whatever reason, the dome has the Giants' number. With that said, it is amazing that we put up 49 points in that place. The DRC hit and pop that cause the ball to fall into the hands of McBride for a 62 yard TD return was not the fault of Brees who threw a perfect pass, but it was "LUCK" that McBride happened to be in the perfect spot which gave the Giants a last minute of hope in a game where they were facing the hottest QB in recent history. Brees' play made Tom Brady look like an amateur in yesterday's game. Sometimes you just have to tip your hat to the other team. Giants had one of the best games (offensively) that I can ever remember. But they were outplayed. End of story. Regroup for next week and pray some of our key players are healthy enough to be on the field.
  23. LMAO - unfortunately, it's true...although, he's more like 5'3". He does have a lot of spunk though. Big heart in a little body.
  24. The only reason I can think of that gives me hope that they will beat the Cowboys is that their personal pride will make them come out and play like they are out of their minds to makeup for sucking so completely in their last game. I have to believe that will be a motivator.
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