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  1. Yep, he's a FA. I was thinking the same thing. Probably end up being Odell's best friend....lmao
  2. I agree. I won't (can't really) root against my team. But it's a lot easier to swallow the impending loss when all hopes are already shattered. They don't really have a shot to make the playoffs...which can only happen if they win both final games and Washington loses both games - and even then, it's a tie for first with the skins. And if by some miracle we actually won the division, we would get eliminated in the first round of the playoff anyway and then the boys, eagles, and skins draft ahead of us breaking our hearts when the guy we all want gets snatched by a team in our division just ahead of our turn to pick. It's been a tough year for Giants' fans and time to look forward to next year.
  3. I laugh, not because it's really funny, but because of the absurdity of it all. You are so right. They seem to play to win (and do win), when they would be better off losing and giving the youngsters some field time to see what they got. The coaches and players seem to get together and say, "hey guys, if we win the next 2 games, we can draft at number 22 instead of 12".
  4. The Skins and Eagles play Saturday night. If the Skins win, the Giants are already eliminated from the playoffs regardless of what they do the rest of the season. If the Eagles win, we are still a game behind them and would need to beat them in the last game of the season to tie for first (assuming the Skins lose the next two games). If the Skins win either of their last two games, we are mathematically eliminated from the playoffs. I almost hope the Skins win Saturday just to put me out of my misery for this season. These last second losses in games we should've won are more than my heart can take.
  5. Wow...cool. I live in New York and have never been to a live Giants' game. Went to a few Bills' games when I was young and decided I didn't really like watching football from the seats. Bad views, no replays, unable to hear the refs making calls, and a couple of games I went to I froze my ass off. I enjoyed it, but I can see so much more from my warm living room and my beer doesn't cost 8.00 a cup and then have to go through a 2 hour wait to get out of the parking lot. One of these days I'll go to a Giants' game. At least with the big screens you can see the replays or get a closer look at the action. I'm sure the atmosphere makes up for the inconvenience and high cost of beer.
  6. For your sake - I hope it happens so that you can watch a game in person (assuming you haven't been to the states and already witnessed the Giants)
  7. Isn't that something. Here's the projected finish order of all the experts in the football media world as the season opened up: 1 - Dallas 2 - NY Giants 3 - Eagles 4 - Skins Reality flipped on it's head: 1 - Skins 2 - Eagles 3 - NY Giants 4 - Dallas
  8. I love TC and the way he brings back fond memories of the old days of football when coaches like Landry cut his best player (Hollywood Henderson) during the middle of the season without as much as getting a compensatory draft pick in return. He basically warned him, then cut his ass. That was the toughest move I've ever seen from a coach - and Landry was one of the greatest coaches in history right up there with Lombardi. Hard to believe that the Giants had both Tom Landry (defensive coordinator) and Vince Lombardi (offensive coordinator) running the team. But that's neither here nor there. Not saying we should cut Odell - never! Odell hasn't been given an ultimatum the way Landry gave one to Henderson. Odell will come around. He's still a kid dealing with instant fame. He just needs to grow up. But TC is old school. TC has also grown old and lacks the spark of his younger years. He should announce his retirement before the team has a chance to fire him. Enjoy the family and spend some of the millions in his bank account, travel, see the world, take up a hobby, and enjoy the golden years. He will be back to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame as well as honored by the Giants' front office. Soak it up Tom before you go one more year and the people despise you.
  9. Two games left - at Minnesota (night game) and Eagles (home game). We aren't a good enough team to go all the way - and we're in the middle of the pack of 6-8 teams the effects the draft order. Minnesota is 9-5 and we will be playing on their home turf without OBJ. That leaves us at 6-9 IMO Eagles play us tough, have improved dramatically....and always seem to have our number. That leaves us at 6-10. This is the current draft order if nothing changes: 1. Tennessee Titans: (3-11) 2. Cleveland Browns: (3-11) 3. San Diego Chargers: (4-10) 4. Baltimore Ravens: (4-10) 5. Dallas Cowboys: (4-10) 6. San Francisco 49ers: (4-10) 7. Detroit Lions: (4-9)* 8. New Orleans Saints: (5-8)* 9. Jacksonville Jaguars: (5-9) 10. Miami Dolphins: (5-9) 11. Chicago Bears: (5-9) 12. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: (6-8) 13. New York Giants: (6-8) 14. Indianapolis Colts: (6-8) 15. Oakland Raiders: (6-8) 16. Philadelphia Eagles: (6-8) 17. Buffalo Bills: (6-8) 18. St. Louis Rams: (6-8) 19. Atlanta Falcons: (7-7) 20. New York Jets: (9-5) Projected to be in postseason 21. Washington: (7-7) 22. Houston Texans: (7-7) 23. Kansas City Chiefs: (9-5) 24. Minnesota Vikings: (9-5) 25. Seattle Seahawks: (9-5) 26. Pittsburgh Steelers: (9-5) 27. Green Bay Packers: (10-4) 28. Denver Broncos: (10-4) 29. Cincinnati Bengals: (11-3) 30. Arizona Cardinals: (12-2) 31. Pick vacated by New England Patriots (12-2) 32. Carolina Panthers (14-0) -------------------------------------------------------------- I am with Naz on this when I say, play our backups and plan on a 6-10 season leaving us getting a draft pick between 9 - 13. Play our starters and win both games and we end up drafting around 20-22. There is nothing to gain by winning the last two games except moral victories which won't even pay for a cup of coffee or a 12 oz draft. I am rooting for the 5-win teams to win from here on to whet my football watching appetite...so that maybe we move up a notch or two on the draft order. Should be interesting draft next Spring as we most likely have a new coach and maybe even a new GM...who knows. As far as making the playoffs and pulling off the most unlikely Super Bowl win in the history of mankind is a pipe dream. It's time to give our bench players some playing time and give the youngsters some field experience. We had our chance this season and with 6 games blown in the last seconds of the game, we don't deserve to be in the playoffs. Making the playoffs now would be like a pity-fuck, we don't need pity, we need a reawakening. I suspect there will be a ton of changes in the coaching staff this offseason.
  10. I agree on an offensive lineman, but left it out because we should have Beatty back and Bobby Hart is super young, but has a lot of upside and a good attitude. He is already better than Schwartz or Jerry IMO. And I was surprised to hear that the Giants are ranked 3rd in the NFL for least amount of sacks. However, that probably has a lot to do with Eli learning to get rid of the ball in under 2 seconds. I think Flowers, Pugh, and Westburg take care of the left side. Hart and Beatty on the right should be a big upgrade. IMO, our biggest problem is the lack of a solid pass rush...especially the defensive ends on the line. JPP has shown he still has a lot of fire and I'm hoping that he is much better next year when they can take the club off his hand. I also have a lot of hopes for O-diggy, who unfortunately has been hurt and not in games.
  11. It's debilitating to me. What's this...like the 5th game this year we've lost in the last few seconds of a game? I'd rather get blown out than have a nail biter week after week only to lose in the last seconds. The team isn't that bad (offensively), but could use a little upgrading on the line and maybe get Cruz back. But our defense has a long way to go. It's decimated and we're playing guys off the street and other teams' throwaways in crucial positions. Our draft should be: rd 1 - edge rusher; rd 2 - another edge rusher; rd 3 - linebacker; rd 4 - free safety; rd 5 - linebacker; rd 6 - linebacker; rd 7 - defensive back. If we had a genuine pass rush, the defense would improve dramatically - especially if we actually went out and got some damn good defensive players. We also need to fill some holes in free agency with top shelf players. I'd rather have two top shelf, big contract players than seven or eight players who are mediocre on their best day.
  12. New York fans are the toughest in the country and the most passionate. They expect their teams to play with heart and to play well. They are not kind to their team when they seem to not care or play sloppy and poorly. Goes with the territory if you play for a team in NYC. And New Yorkers appreciate great plays even from the other team. I watched them give a standing ovation at Yankee stadium when the other team made an impossible defensive hit robbing the Yanks of a run. They are true sports fans. And when their team wins, no fans in the world will throw the team more love than a New York fan. Boston and Philly are a lot like that, but they are not as brutal as New York fans when their team stinks up the place.
  13. Well, both the Eagles and the Skins won and now we get to watch the Cowboys. We'll be lucky if we don't come in last place in the division. Disheartening season to say the least.
  14. Washington and Philly both beating their opponents. By evening, the Giants will have sole possession of 3rd place in the weakest division in football and in a "must win" position tomorrow night to stay tied for 2nd.
  15. I think they'll stick to this year's playbook and get a healthy lead - lose most of it in the 4th quarter and lose it for good with less than 10 seconds left on the clock even though the ball was in their possession with 45 seconds to go and 3 downs and Miami with no timeouts left.
  16. The skins will go to the playoffs with a 5-11 record, the same as the Giants, except they beat the crap out of us. Time to blow this team up like JPP's hand.
  17. LMAO It seems in the Giants playbook they have plays to let the opposition get back in the game. It's called, "keep Vereen, Darkwa, and Jennings on the bench and run Williams 2 times in a row then throw the ball at him". Guaranteed to stop the Giants dead in their tracks and get the other team's offense back on the field.
  18. 14 killed, 21 wounded.....numbers have been the same for deaths, wounded went up from 17 in updated statistics released this afternoon.
  19. Giants safety Nat Berhe said on Twitter on Thursday that his cousin was killed during Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, Calif. http://nypost.com/2015/12/03/giants-safety-cousin-killed-in-san-bernardino-shooting/
  20. It was an embarrassment for all Giants fans. After two years of Eli in the "hurry up offense", he sits there like he's checking out a girl in the stands while the front line is bent over for 15 seconds while the clock runs out and he doesn't even know it......duhhh. Eli used to do that years ago, and snap it when it said 1 second or even 0 seconds.....and if he couldn't get it off, he'd snap his hands up for a timeout at the last moment if he couldn't get the play off. This one caught him completely off guard like his head was a million miles away. No time out, no late snap, no anything....just a dumb look on his face when the flag is thrown for delay of game.......and this in the fast paced, all new, hurry up offense instilled by McAdoo. Just pathetic. They need Darkwa as the feature back They need to throw at Odell a lot more They need to incorporate Vereen in every play...even if nothing more than a decoy. But most of all, I'm disappointed in Eli for his game management. He seemed completely out to lunch today as thought the game was secondary on his mind.
  21. I've been thinking that Kelly could end up taking over the Syracuse Orangemen if the Eagles fire him. That could be interesting.
  22. Actually, it's fairly easy after it's said the right way a few times. Announcers call him "UN ga", when it should be "OON gah" First name is pronounced "OOH-ah-nay" So it's: OOH-ah-nay OON-gah Regardless, should be a good game today. With the Skin's backfield depleted, Eli should have a hay day (knock on wood). If we can put the Skins away today, we have a better than average chance of winning the division. If we lose today, we'll still have a shot at the title, but it will require winning a couple of nailbiters. Prediction: Giants 34 - Skins 17
  23. Just watching the Vikings - Packers game. James Jones is putting on a clinic. I could get myself worked up thinking about how we cut him this summer. The man is as good as any top shelf receiver out there. We fucking blew it by losing him.
  24. It would be really something if Nicks made a major contribution to the team and helped turn this season around. I guarantee the first time he makes an incredible catch, Giants fans will go nuts. Time will tell.
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