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  1. Yeah, I figured that's what you meant. Ideally, we get a top 10 pick and there is a run on QB's and WR's ahead of us so that we get a stud DE. That would be my wish. Regardless, draft day is so much more fun when we are in the group that gets to take game changers.
  2. Good summary. Although, I don't quite get your reference to wanting the Bills to lose and the Giants to win. Maybe you left the word "don't" in the middle of "we want". Regardless....there is absolutely nothing positive in our winning Sunday. When draft day gets here, the picking order is the most important matter for us and makes the difference between getting a game changer or a good player that probably won't fix any of our issues. Hate - and I mean absolutely hate - to root for a loss, but I have to based on all the changes that will be made to this team when the season is over.
  3. He'll be 70 years old before the season starts next year. He's 5 years older than the next youngest coach in the NFL (Pete Carroll). I personally feel sorry for him when he's standing on the sideline when it's 5 degrees F with a wind chill of 20 below. I'll never forget him on the sidelines in Green Bay with Vaseline on his face. And this year he got ran over like a steamroller that would have knocked out a younger guy, but he brushed himself off and stood back up. He had to be in pain after that. As you age, you simply can't take hostile cold and beatings like that. I would love to see the front office give him a position in the office...maybe head of scouting or something. That is, if he would take a job like that. I love the guy and admire him in every way. But age is a heartless bitch and it saps ones' energy and enthusiasm. But his brain is one of the finest in the NFL and it would be a shame if we weren't tapping that somehow.
  4. Not a lot of opportunity to move up. The Bears and Lions are in the same boat as the Giants and Eagles - winner drops to a worse draft pick. Some of the 5-10 teams might win as their opponents are getting ready for the playoffs and will probably sit their starters for half the game to keep them ready for games that count. Regardless, there is not a single positive thing to gain for the Giants to win next Sunday. As far as winning one for morale goes...the morale of this team left port a long time ago.
  5. Since the Giants played the Saints and lost to them, they draft ahead of them in the 1st, 3rd, 5th, and 7th rounds. Teams with identical records reverse draft order after each round. The tie is broken by comparing strength of schedule, but when the teams played head-to-head in one game, the loser of the two gets to draft ahead of the other...at least in the odd rounds (1,3,5,7). I love the fact that the Patriots don't have a first round pick in the upcoming draft. They usually stockpile and have more than one first rounder. Wherever we land, we should be able to get a solid player in the first. And because the Pats don't get a first round pick, we move up one rung on the ladder in round 2.
  6. You can only pay a few players superstar money. It's a no brainer to pay Odell. He's the best WR in the game and will probably get better. Athletically, he's a freak of nature...and he's ours. Lose him and we'll wait a lifetime for another WR that can do what only he can do and probably die never seeing another one. He'll be the top paid receiver in the NFL and should be. And he needs to be in Giants' blue - period, end of story! What we really should invest in is a whole new training and medical crew. This is the third year in a row that we have been killed by injuries.
  7. That is not a game we should hope to win. The winner of that game gets to go to Seattle next season (a tough venue for the Giants) and the loser of the game gets to go to London to face the Saints. Not to mention, the winner of the game drafts after the loser of the game by more than one spot and by as many as 5 spots. Horrible way to look at a game, but that's reality. A loss is far better than a win in that game from a strategic point of planning ahead for next season.
  8. Draft order as it sits right now: 1. Tennessee Titans (3-12) 2. Cleveland Browns (3-12) 3. San Diego Chargers (4-11) 4. Dallas Cowboys (4-11) 5. San Francisco 49ers (4-11) 6. Jacksonville Jaguars (5-10) 7. Miami Dolphins (5-10) 8. Baltimore Ravens (5-10) 9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-9) 10. New York Giants (6-9) 11. New Orleans Saints (6-9) 12. Philadelphia Eagles (6-9) 13. Detroit Lions (6-9) 14. Chicago Bears (6-9) 15. Indianapolis Colts (7-8) 16. Buffalo Bills (7-8) 17. Oakland Raiders (7-8) 18. St. Louis Rams (7-8) 19. Atlanta Falcons (8-7) 20. Pittsburgh Steelers (9-6) Projected to make the playoffs: 21. Washington (8-7) 22. Houston Texans (8-7) 23. Seattle Seahawks (9-6) 24. New York Jets (10-5) 25. Kansas City Chiefs (10-5) 26. Green Bay Packers (10-5) 27. Minnesota Vikings (10-5) 28. Denver Broncos (10-4) 29. Cincinnati Bengals (11-3) 30. Arizona Cardinals (13-2) 31. New England Patriots (12-3) (Pick forfeited) 32. Carolina Panthers (14-1) I am rooting for all the 6-9 and 5-10 teams to win their last games. As for the Giants, the Eagles have been the Giants' Kryptonite that losing to them is a foregone conclusion...especially considering how we played against Minnie. Hope they start Nassib and sit all the starters for the game. On a side note: Winner of next week's Giants-Eagles matchup gets a trip to Seattle in 2016. loser gets to play the Rams in London
  9. I'd have to say Vereen and Harris were good pickups this past year. After that, the only one who stands out to me is DRC, Josh Brown and Jenkins. Stevie Brown had one hell of year before injury and never being the same again. Beason would be in that group if he could stay healthy more than 4 or 5 games a year. I think that JT Thomas, George Selvie, and Kendrick Ellis are solid backups. What I've been saying is that I'd rather splurge on two or maybe three top shelf players than pick up 8 or 9 mediocre players for the same price.
  10. Injuries to key players - having to play scrubs in their place - no pass rush....and for some reason, complete retardation concerning clock management. If we can ever stay healthy for a whole season and our best players don't blow their hand off...we can make some serious noise. The dice just didn't roll for us this year. There were some bright spots that I hope will carry over to next year.
  11. Rams are up by 13 points with 2:00 left in the game. If they hold the lead, they move from 6-8 to 7-8...another blessing in disguise. Not to mention, I can't stand the Seahawks. Not as much as I hate the Cowboys and Patriots, but pretty dang close.
  12. I didn't mean that we could get Witten as he'll retire a Cowboy with great fanfare. I was just responding to Drizzle's post who said that Gronkowski and Olsen were two TE's that can beat another team single-handedly. I don't think there are any TE's going into free agency that would make any difference to the Giants. Last year I desperately wanted the Giants to take Jesse James in the draft. But he went to the Steelers. He is a couple of years away from being a starter, but will eventually big a great one. He left college too early and I knew he'd be a raw player that needed grooming before he started to make his mark on the game. He will eventually. Regardless, it would be really nice if the Giants had a Gronk/Witten type of TE on the team. Hell, I'd be happy if Cruz returned and looked like the old Cruz. I hope this year off has made him very, very healthy and that he hasn't lost anything in his game. That alone would change everything.
  13. I'm rooting for all the 5-9 and 6-8 teams to win from here on so that maybe they'll leap frog the Giants and have to pick further down the draft board. The Cowboys are so far down, they are drafting ahead of us no matter what. Bills were 6-8, but won today and are now 7-8 Colts won and are now 7-8 Raiders won today and are now 7-8 Rams are leading the Seahawks in the 3rd qtr and if they win, they'll be 7-8 It all bodes well for the Giants in the next draft period.
  14. Probably. Move us down in the draft order from 9 or 10 to 21 or something. Then the guy we have are heart set on gets drafted at I pick ahead of us by the Eagles and the player haunts us for the next 10 years the way Witten haunts us.
  15. I actually took my stats from the link you post, but under the tab "Contracts" rather than "Salary Cap". If you go to the tab, "Multi-Year", it's a little different. I simply took the numbers for this year from "Avg Salary 2015" per player. It would have been a different season if we had Cruz and Beatty playing the way they did before injuries...and if JPP hadn't blown his hand off. The "bit players" became mandatory after the injuries started piling up. The front office attempted to get some backup strength after last two seasons decimation by injuries, but even the backups they picked up ended up on the IR. TC is working 3rd and 4th players on the depth chart on defense. No amount of genius coaching is going to have a stellar defense using off the street players or players from other teams' practice squads for half the defense.
  16. Yeah...especially late in games when he had the lead. He used to amaze at the end of games or the end of a half....at least, when he's behind. Needs to figure out clock management with a lead.
  17. The structure of pay that each team is allowed to have might create parity - the ultimate goal - but it is what killed our beloved Giants. No matter which team you look at, they can only pay huge salaries to a select handful of players. They have to draft well or find hidden gems somehow to compliment the big-pay studs. Take a look at the Giants' salaries: 1. Eli Manning 21 million 2. Jason Pierre-Paul 8.7 million MISSED 9 GAMES (6 games, 18 tackles, 1 sack) 3. Victor Cruz 8.6 million DID NOT PLAY 4. William Beatty 7.5 million DID NOT PLAY 5. Domonique Williams Cromarte 7 million 6. Jon Beason 5.66 million MISSED 11 GAMES (5 games played - 18 total tackles, 0 sacks) 7. Geoff Schwartz 4.2 million WILL MISS 4 GAMES - Broken Leg 8. Erick Flowers 4.3 million 9. Shane Vereen 4.1 million 10. Dwayne Harris 3 million 11 - 53 Everyone else plays for less than 3 million a year and approximately 30 of them play at minimum wage. It doesn't take an Einstein to see the immediate problem. Three-fourths of our four top elite players that suck up most of the team's money - either didn't even see the field this year or just played in a spattering of games and made no significant contributions. When your best/elite players don't suit up - it's tough to be playoff bound. What a difference it would have made if Beatty had a good season while Flowers cut his teeth on the right side of the line. And if JPP was the old JPP with a whole hand. And if Victor Cruz played and took pressure off of Odell, and if Beason could have stayed healthy. It would have been an entirely different story. At least Eli played like the elite player he is. But he played the whole season without the help of the team's best players. Odell of course is an elite player, but we have him locked up for 2.6 million, so he's not a hindrance to the salary cap that doesn't allow us to snatch another elite player in FA. In short: not ALL TC's fault. He can work magic with a bunch of scrubs. If he could only figure out how to manage the clock late in games and get Eli to follow suit, it would have been an amazing season.
  18. Skins beat the Eagles last night - Giants' season over
  19. Nice insight. I still think we need to make a legitimate pass rush our first priority - both in FA and the draft. After that, a top shelf free safety in FA. Draft priorities will always depend on who falls through the cracks and who is still on the board when our pick comes up. But if it's not obvious, our early priorities should be to grab a stud DE, a stud LB (neither should be a hybrid) and someone to fill a need on the right side of the O-line who will be there for the next 10 years growing with the group of 3 that is our future. It would be nice to have a bulldozing o-lineman who could actually make some holes for our RBs so we don't suck so bad in the red zone or in third-n-short situations. The NFL Spin Zone declares that the Giants should use their first round draft pick on Ezekiel Elliot, RB out of Ohio State. But I don't like that idea at all. I guess watching us tab Ron Dayne and David Wilson with our 1st round pick in the past has made me very gun shy about drafting a RB with such a valuable pick. And I still think the success of a RB has more to do with an o-line and supporting cast than it does athletic ability alone. Anyway, I will not be happy if we burn our first on a RB. Link to dumb story: http://nflspinzone.com/2015/12/26/new-york-giants-need-ezekiel-elliott/?utm_campaign=FanSided+Daily&utm_source=FanSided+Daily&utm_medium=email
  20. I stand corrected - didn't catch that thread back in September. I've been saying all along that the left side of our line is solid (Flowers, Pugh, and Richburg) and that we need to focus on fixing the other side. Depends on whether Beatty is still worth the kind of cash he is going to make and maybe slot him at RT. It might be worth more to cut him and take a hit, but add a few million more to our coffers to put in a younger guy from the FA list. Regardless...I like Richburg. And like all good O-linemen, you know they are playing well when you never hear about them.
  21. This should have been his first Pro Bowl invite. Big time snub! New York Giants' Weston Richburg, The Best Player You Don't Know Enough About By Justin Weiss - 12/24/2015 Forget Allen Robinson, Delanie Walker and Olivier Vernon for a second. The biggest 2015-16 NFL Pro Bowl snub is likely Weston Richburg, the New York Giants menacing 6'3", 298 pound center who ranks highest at the position according to Pro Football Focus (subscription required). Richburg, 24, who was selected with the 43rd pick of last year's NFL Draft, has quickly emerged as one of the league's best centers. Originally asked to play out of position (guard) in 2014 due to injuries on the o-line, he switched over to ball-snapper this season, replacing JD Walton, who was quite horrific with New York. Lightly recruited in 2009 out of high school, the two-star Richburg chose Colorado State over Texas Christian University, in a class that featured Taylor Lewan and D.J. Fluker. A prolific player in college, Richburg was a First-team All-MWC (2013), Honorable Mention All-MWC (2012) and Second-team All-MWC (2011) with the Rams. Richburg would surely be proud of his senior year, when he tallied 15 "knockdown" blocks and added a 90 or above grade from offensive line coach Derek Frazier in the first five games of the season. Additionally, Richburg stood out for the following eight reasons: he had good snap-and-step quickness, was very good at getting in position, had good mobility, possessed good awareness, was energetic and quite the competitor, was extremely durable, could be a vocal team leader, and possessed natural versatility. On the latter note: "When they talk about my versatility, I think they're talking about that I can play wherever they need me to play," Richburg said before the Draft. "I think if somebody gets hurt, we have guys who are capable, but I'm able and willing to go play any position. I've talked to some guys (about the NFL) and they've said that a guy was only a center, and he went into camp and was going against a guy who could play center and guard, and the center-only guy might be a better center than the other guy. But they're going to keep the guy who plays guard and center, so it's really valuable to be trying to do as much as I can." Since coming to the NFL, Richburg has been the most consistent lineman on the Giants' injury-prone o-line. He has played in 22 games; starting in 21 of them, and has been the highest-graded lineman by Pro Football Focus over the past two seasons. There's no reason for him not to be flying out to Hawaii with the rest of the Pro Bowlers. Pro Football Focus agrees: "This is one of the better put-together Pro Bowl rosters in recent seasons, but a couple of spots still reek of the name pushing certain players over the line; at center, that is certainly the case with Alex Mack (75.6) and Mike Pouncey (78.2) getting the nod after solid seasons when others have excelled. Weston Richburg is our highest-graded center this season, equally adept as a run blocker, pass protector and even working in front of screens. Richburg has proven, with his elite play this season, that he probably should have been at center for the Giants from day one of his rookie season, and if he keeps up this level of play, the accolades will soon follow".
  22. Gotta throw Witten in with that group. He has single handedly destroyed the Giants over and over and carries the team on his back as well as bails out Romo dozens of times each game.
  23. The Giants are going to have around 50 million dollars of play money in the offseason. My hope is that they spend wisely on free agents. Pick up a couple of top end players instead of 10 mediocre players. My wish list in FA: - WR Alshon Jeffery (Bears) to compliment O'Dell - DT/DE Mike Daniels (Packers) dominates the defensive line and wreaks havoc on an offensive line. If he isn't double teamed, he will throw you around like a toy in the way - DT Marcell Dareus (Bills) 25 yrs old and arguably the best inside defensive lineman in the NFL - RT Mitchell Schwartz (Browns) Geoffrey's younger brother. He is rated as the best RT in the NFL...and unlike his brother, stays healthy - LB Justin Houston (Chiefs) - FS Eric Weddle (Chargers) the only downside is his age (30), but he's fast, he's mean, and can cover the backside like no other safety - SS Eric Berry (Chiefs) ------------------------------------------- I'd be happy with two or three of those fellers and we will finally have the cash on hand to make a good play for their services. Granted, their current teams will go all out to keep them, but a few will test the market. ------------------------------------------- On the "B" list of FA's, OG Marshall Yanda (Baltimore) is considered the best guard in the business and a perennial Pro-Bowler. I put him on the B-list because he's 30 years old.
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