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  1. It's not like there are guaranteed future Hall of Fame coaches out there for the Giants to pick from, so they have a big job ahead of them. The New York Post this morning lists 8 possibilities: Ben McAdoo, David Shaw, Sean Payton, Doug Marrone, Josh McDaniels, Adam Gase, Sean McDermott and Hue Jackson http://nypost.com/2016/01/04/pros-and-cons-for-8-giants-tom-coughlin-replacements/ They seem to like Sean Payton the most, but also say that it would require the Giants giving up a high draft pick (possibly a big name player) and millions of dollars to the Saints in exchange for his services. Other sources are saying that the Giants are interviewing Spags and McAdoo this morning. Nick Saban's name has been thrown around by some and according to sources, Saban has stated there are only two teams he'd be willing to listen to: the Giants and the Colts. Anyway...I'm fretting about who they will make their next coach. I'd love to see Payton, but I don't want to give up high draft picks and/or one of our few stars to get him. What do you guys think we should do...or what will happen?
  2. I would rather have someone post what I already posted than the other way around....which I've made the mistake before of posting something that was already posted. But usually it's from a day or two earlier. Regardless - nothing to lose sleep over...lol
  3. Insiders on twitter are saying that TC is talking to the team and has told them there is going to be a new head coach.
  4. Come next April - the difference will be huge - that is, if you are like the rest of us who spend hours, days, and weeks evaluating players. One spot difference in the draft order can be huge. And drafting ahead of the Eagles is a major advantage in the next draft. The difference between a top shelf DE and a OG that "might" be good in the NFL. There are three DE's in the draft that are difference makers. Joey Bosa, DeForest Buckner, and Emmanuel Ogbah - they will be gone by the end of the 10th pick...hopefully, one of them falling in the Giants' lap. The fall off in DE's after the first three is quite obvious (although, they could still pan out to be great). Getting a top 10 pick is a luxury and an advantage. It's even a greater advantage in the 2nd round when there is a scattering of first round players who fell through the cracks and we draft higher up in the order. No one who follows the draft wishes they were drafting later than sooner...unless of course, you are in one of the top spots and you prefer trading down for extra picks because there are so many needs on the team.
  5. I agree with Reese likes to gamble, hoping to hit the jack pot with an unknown. He does okay with the first couple of rounds, but he leaves the reservation from round 3-7. I mean, they took Mykkele Thompson in the 5th that no one had ever heard of and wasn't ranked in the top 50 free safeties and Jeremy Davis is beaten out for playing time by players off the street or taken from other teams' practice squad. Hopefully, we hit on Bobby Hart. Regardless...I can't complain about the picks at the top of the draft - it's the middle and latter parts of the draft that simply make me scratch my head and wonder WTF
  6. The first 20 picks are set in stone - playoff teams TBD 1. Tennessee Titans 2. Cleveland Browns 3. San Diego Chargers 4. Dallas Cowboys 5. Jacksonville Jaguars 6. Baltimore Ravens 7. San Francisco 49ers 8. Miami Dolphins 9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 10. New York Giants 11. Chicago Bears 12. New Orleans Saints 13. Philadelphia Eagles 14. Oakland Raiders 15. St. Louis Rams 16. Detroit Lions 17. Atlanta Falcons 18. Indianapolis Colts 19. Buffalo Bills 20. New York Jets Order of playoff teams is to be determined Seattle Seahawks Pittsburgh Steelers Minnesota Vikings Kansas City Chiefs Washington Houston Texans Green Bay Packers Denver Broncos Cincinnati Bengals New England Patriots (pick forfeited due to Deflategate punishment) Arizona Cardinals Carolina Panthers
  7. Well, they snatched JPP, OBJ, Flowers, etc., which have been good. Not like the old days when we came away with LT or Carl Banks, but we usually do well in the first couple of rounds. We simply suck after the third round though...that's where we really have to up our game.
  8. Ha, ha...now there's someone on the board I have to respect for a change...
  9. There are four teams with a 6-10 record. Picks in round 1: 8 - Miami Dolphins (6-10) 9 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-10) 10 - New York Football Giants (6-10) 11 - Chicago Bears (6-10) Picks in round 2 (because New England loses 1st round pick, everyone moves up one spot) (2nd) 7 - Bears (2nd) 8 - Giants (2nd) 9 - Bucs (2nd) 10 - Dolphins We should be in good position to grab a couple of very good players
  10. wow...I thought I was the oldest guy on the board. Now I feel young again
  11. Actually....they own draft spot no. 10. If Tampa had cooperated and beaten Carolina, we'd have gotten 9, but that wasn't going to happen. Eagles will draft somewhere between 13-16. At least as the draft order reverses every other round (for teams with the same record), we will always be drafting ahead of the Eagles.
  12. Don't feel bad...you're a young buck by my standards. When I was born, Steve Owen was head coach. When I was 1 year old, Jim Lee Howell took over and hired Vince Lombardi as his offensive coordinator and Tom Landry as defensive coordinator. But I didn't really understand the game from a fan's point of view until Allie Sherman was head coach. Since then, I've been through head coaches Alex Webster, Bill Arnsparger, John McVay, Ray Perkins, Bill Parcells, Ray Handley, Dan Reeves, Jim Fassell, and Tom Coughlin. Now I feel old
  13. I hate to write an obituary for someone who isn't dead, but the probability of this being Coughlin's last game is really high and I believe a foregone conclusion. I have the deepest respect for Coughlin as any coach in history (maybe Tom Landry rates as high). He's class from top to bottom and has had an amazing run. He is what every coach should aspire to be. But age and poor decisions in the front office that forced him to play with a team in which half are not NFL caliber has taken its toll. And all though the last few years have been hard on Giants' fans, Mr. Coughlin is responsible for bringing half of all the super bowl championships in Giants' history...and that is one hell of an accomplishment. I will tip my hat to the man if this is it for him and will always carry fond memories and heartfelt respect.
  14. Perhaps the front office's attempt to throw Sunday's game in order to move up to 8 or 9 in the draft order and knock the Giants down to the mid-late teens. Nothing else makes sense to me.
  15. I think an awful lot depends on what we do in free agency. We're definitely going to be bringing in some studs in critical positions....at least I certainly hope so. I really believe this team is not that far off from being a champion again. We have to get rid of the injury bug and need a couple of stars in the right places. This will allow OBJ, Vereen, Harris, etc., to shine. Fix the trench on both sides of the ball and get the defensive backfield fixed with a good FS, good LB's, and some depth. Last year our emphasis was two-fold: fix special teams (excellent job at that), and build a defense that can stop the run (better, but not great). This year it's got to focus on the trenches and def. backfield...IMHO
  16. I agree with you on Spags. But I don't on McAdoo. It took a couple of years for Eli to get comfortable with McAdoo's system, but he's a better QB because of it. I think dumping McAdoo would hinder Eli as he spends the next couple of years learning a new system and new language, etc. I'd like to see what Spags can do with a couple of good DE's and some top shelf LB's who don't spend the majority of the season on the injured list. You can't blame Spags for having to use guys off the street and the only legitimate sacking DE with one hand.
  17. Dittos with Beatty and Beason I'd like to see John Jerry, Marshall Newhouse, and Andre Williams on that list of "Who Won't be Back".
  18. This article from GMenHQ (http://gmenhq.com/2015/12/29/new-york-giants-offseason-moves-predictions-2016/?utm_campaign=FanSided+Daily&utm_source=FanSided+Daily&utm_medium=email ) 1 - Tom Coughlin 2 - Steve Spagnuolo 3 - JPP 4 - Larry Donnell 5 - Reuben Randle ------------------------------ I have a hunch there's a lot more than that, but that's the story from Fansided
  19. Good point. Dayne still stings. I can see him on the sideline eating donuts and getting fat before my very eyes. Some just never really pan out and it's a combination of injuries and failure to step up when healthy (Sintim, Beckham, etc.) I am beginning to think that Williams will end up in the "bust" category. He's been healthy, just doesn't seem to be able to handle the pro game like he did the college game. I had such big hopes.
  20. Players are busts for many reasons including serious injuries early in their career. I don't think Clowney is a total bust, but he's playing with fragile knees and you just know those tender knees will be the favorite targets of opponents using chop blocks. We have felt the burn of injuries killing the dreams of our draft picks (Chad Jones jumps to mind, Terrell Thomas, etc.). Some players just can't switch gears and learn the pro game after excelling in the college game. They are very different games and the competition is immense at the pro level where players are faster and stronger and think like NFL players are supposed to think. Then there's the "high risk, high reward" crap shoots like Marvin Austin...big time bust. But again, my points are about teams needing a little "luck" when drafting. It would be really, really nice if the Giants could find some of that luck behind their first two picks. Kennard seems to be one as was Bradshaw and Cofield.
  21. So true. The list of first round past picks that were complete duds is endless. We've been burned ourselves more than once...Dayne, Joseph, etc. It seems QB's have the biggest fallout for becoming busts. All of the offensive "skill" positions are big risks. Linemen on both sides of the ball are typically the lowest risk (as long as they have a good work ethic, unlike couch potato Joseph).
  22. There's always a bit of luck in drafts. JPP was considered a reach because of his lack of playing football. When OBJ dropped, he was ranked anywhere from 3rd - 6th best receiver in the class. I remember being disappointed because we had Nicks and Cruz and I didn't know much about Odell other than he was short for a receiver and we already had a shorty in Cruz. And Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans were already off the board so I was screaming for us to take Zack Martin and remember being really, really upset that Martin fell into the laps of the Cowboys. In hind sight, I believe that OBJ would've gone no.1 overall if the teams know what they know now. Everyone was drooling over Jadeveon Clowney...lol. Clowney has a total of 32 tackles and 4 1/2 sacks in his first 2 years in the NFL. You never really know who's going to be available when we're on the clock and the front office sees things differently than us fans. All I know is that it's better to draft higher in the draft order than lower....and Lady Luck plays a part.
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