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  1. Oh...if that's the case, hell yeah! Cut Marcus and move on. Dwayne Harris is a bargain and a breath of fresh air on this team.
  2. I would not let Harris go. He's one of the few bright spots on this team. He's worth every penny we spent on him.
  3. Not sure how closely you follow Syracuse football, but they have not been a powerhouse football team for half a century and are rarely listed in the top 50 programs in the country. I'm a huge SU fan, but I'm realistic and understand that football is not their forté. They rarely are able to get a 3-star recruit while schools in the SEC and PAC 10 routinely put a dozen 5-star players on their roster each year. There is usually an unsung player who breaks out and becomes good enough to go the NFL, but the program has a long way to go to be ranked in the top 25 and churn out NFL players left and right like some schools. Marrone might make a good NFL coach. But he seems to have a very short attention span and is looking to move on to another job almost as soon as he gets a new one. Stability and sticking it out doesn't seem to define Marrone. And that doesn't seem to fit into the Mara philosophy of building long term relationships between head coach, general manager, and the owners. But who knows. Maybe if he comes to the Giants, he'll finally decide to stick it out instead of jump at the next opportunity that comes up. The fact that he got the head coach job of the Bills and always wanted to be a head coach in the NFL, and left after one year is just plain weird to me. Especially considering there was no team wanting him.
  4. I'm not big on Marrone. He was a player out of Cortland State football (about 8 miles from my home) and was average for a div III school. I was excited when he became head coach of Syracuse U. It was his alma mater and he said in interviews that it was his dream job that he always wanted and it was like a coming home party. He barely got started with the program and in his third year he bailed and took the head coach job at Buffalo - his first (and only) head coach experience in the NFL. Again, he said it was his dream job. After one season, he opted out of his contract and hasn't been a head coach since. He is currently the offensive line coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Something doesn't seem right with him. He never stays anywhere and after a year or two, has to move on. Don't know if it's inability to get along with the front office or if he's always looking for something different and needs to move on after a year or two.
  5. Maybe a free safety???? Man, we need a free safety almost as much as we need a DE that can get to the QB. We've played everyone at free safety who are not free safeties. Collins is very good and will get much better, but he's a strong safety and built too big and solid to be a free safety that needs to be as quick as a WR and sharp as a LB. I agree with everything you wrote, but I'd prioritize it like this: Priority 1: Pass rushing DE and/or Free safety Priority 2: LB Priority 3: Big ass TE that can block like a lineman and catch like Gronk Priority 4: OL It will be interesting to see how hard the front office hits the Free Agent market. We need to get a couple of really good starters and then have a really good draft.
  6. No kidding. He might be small, but he is talented and one tough son of a bitch who plays with a lot of heart. Like to see his attitude catch on with other players like Randle who plays with half a football heart most of the time.
  7. That's an interesting name to be thrown in the mix and he seems to have some loose ties to the Giants. We're just going to have to ride it out on the seat of our pants while chewing our nails down to nubs until we hear the word come down from above. Not a comfortable feeling at all. Our input is meaningless in the big picture.
  8. Yeah...no reason to try and make something out of nothing. We all knew before the season ended that Coughlin was probably going to be out. Hell, half the board was calling for his head. A lot of emotion going on. I doubt the emotion we all carry is even close to the emotion going on with the players and even the Mara and Trisch families. It was a business decision and probably one of the most difficult decisions the owners ever had to make. It's like having to put down the family dog after 16 years of faithful love. Very hard on the heart and nerves.
  9. Has Cowher ever said he wants to coach again? And if so, why hasn't any team hired him? He's built a fairly lucrative media career. These are questions that need answers.
  10. No doubt we have areas to improve in the offense - especially in the red zone and in "3rd n shorts". But getting Beatty back and a new right guard as well as Cruz back - we have a really potent offense. We need to overhaul our entire defense starting with a couple of sack-type DE's, a good free safety, and a couple of stud linebackers. I am in the camp of giving McAdoo a shot at the helm. He is destined to be a head coach for the next 30 years somewhere...and I'd just as soon see him with the Giants. We let an offensive coordinator go once because he was too young and unseasoned. His name was Vince Lombardi We let a defensive coordinator go who was also a life long Giant as a player because he was "not ready". His name was Tom Landry We let another defensive coordinator go who had "no head coaching experience". His name was Bill Belichick Even Tom Coughlin came up through the ranks as a Giants offensive coordinator before taking his first job as head coach of a last place team in Jacksonville before coming back to the Giants as head coach. I really believe it is in the best interest of the Giants to hand the reigns over to McAdoo. Otherwise we have 2 years of junk play as Eli has to learn an entirely new system and get acclimated with a new football language and nomenclature. And he's already on the same page with McAdoo where there is mutual respect and understanding.
  11. I'd be surprised if he took another head coaching job at his age. I would love to see him working with the players somehow, but I don't know what kind of position that would take. He said he plans on working full time for his "Jay Fund", a non-profit foundation that gives 100% of it's contributions directly to children with cancer. No paid staff and no money taken out for clerical supplies. Their goal this year is 10 million dollars and so far, have raised 6 million. It's an excellent foundation for anyone who would like to donate to a worthy cause. I hope the contributions will pour in along with a note of thanks to TC for everything.
  12. No doubt we had problems. But with a rebuilt O-Line and the loss of Beatty, Cruz, and our TE's - not to mention, a lackadaisical attitude by Randle and the bust of Andre Williams...McAdoo did pretty good with what he had to work with. The point is, offense is not nearly the problem with this team as the defense. Offense we were 6th out of 32, defense we were 30th out of 32. Of course, anyone who watched the games this year are well aware that our defense sucked.
  13. Actually, just the opposite. We are ahead of 26 other teams in offense. It's our defense that has sucked the life out of season. And the offense has purred without a legitimate TE and only average RB's behind a line that was starting Dallas Reynolds, Jerry Jones, and rookie Bobby Hart, at the end of the season. https://www.teamrankings.com/nfl/stat/points-per-game
  14. I can cry if I want to! As Leslie (may she RIP) would say, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsYJyVEUaC4
  15. Eli and OBJ have gone to Mara and are campaigning for McAdoo to be made head coach. I have to think that the limited number of stars on the team - and in particular, the two best players - probably have some pull here, especially Eli who will be the coach on the field for the next 4 years. For those who missed it, here's the press conference (the youtube clip is distorted, but the one on the Giants page is clean): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yr3oOzzWwP4 For a cleaner version, you can go to the Giants homepage here: http://www.giants.com/news-and-blogs/article-1/Watch-Tom-Coughlin-John-Mara-and-Jerry-Reese-Press-Conferences/b5c08b96-7e4f-4580-b142-832ff713239f
  16. When Reese came to the podium, Eli and most (or all, not sure) of the team got up from their seats and left before he started speaking. Don't know what to read into that, but have to believe there is some inside turmoil heating up.
  17. Did anyone catch his passionate statement, "it's important to win the right way, the right way". He said it with a bit of anger in his voice and I could not help but think it was directed at Belichick and maybe a couple other coaches in the NFL. TC is the polar opposite of Belichick. Tom wants to win, but win by everyone doing their best and playing as a team. Belichick could care less about character and only cares about winning and if he can find a way to cheat and win, he'll do it every single time. TC would never cheat to add a few wins on his résumé.
  18. Ralph Vacchiano says McAdoo should be the next head coach. http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/giants/vacchiano-giants-replacetom-coughlin-ben-mcadoo-article-1.2485579?utm_content=buffer6a978&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=RVacchiano+Twitter
  19. I'm sure it will be on the internet somewhere before the day is over. NFL Network probably has a webpage that can be pulled up. Probably on YouTube already.
  20. No matter who we get...there will be start up issues. I personally have no problem with McAdoo. He's young, but he's cut his teeth with the Packers (a class team) and has spent two years under the tutelage of Coughlin. As OC, he's put points on the board that put the Giants 6th in offense in the mix with Carolina, Arizona, New England, Seattle, and Pittsburgh. Our problem has not been putting points on the board...it's keeping points off the board for the opposing team. That is not on McAdoo. I tend to think McAdoo could very well get the job. I believe they brought him in as OC to groom him for eventual head coach. He's younger than all other options - in some cases, by 20 years or more. So he has some growing to do, but he'll be a head coach somewhere and I wouldn't be surprised it is this year if the Giants don't choose him. His time with TC has to be a very positive thing. Eli loves him and is on record that he wants him to be the next head coach. Also, Mara has said that he sees a lot of Tom Coughlin in McAdoo...a guy he didn't even know when TC grabbed him as his assistant. I like Sean Peyton, but damn, I don't want to give up anything to get him.
  21. They didn't pan the crowd, but every time he talked about his players, his eyes scanned the front row. Mara just said that he has faith in Reese and believes he's the "right guy" to rebuild the team. Uhggg
  22. Superb and classy speech. The quintessential professional in which character trumps all. Says he is open to coaching in the future because his wife would go crazy after he's home for more than 48 hours. LOL
  23. Yeah, I hear his voice cracking as he gives credit to all the people behind the scenes. If he cries, I will be crying too.
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