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  1. NTM that we would have added two more offensive series. Giants 28 - Colts 20?
  2. Its still only one play. Take away the BS call on Carter, and he wouldnt have even been in that situation. Peyton nearly threw 4 interceptions. 3 hitting the defender right in the hands. Should Colts fans be worried?
  3. The eagles are a good team. But the Giants are pissed,and are going to stomp there ass.
  4. Do you have to change it for a week also? Dont let him get you on the tech Don.
  5. If one interception bothers you that much, after the game he had, your in for a LONG season
  6. Yea, the colts were 11th in defense last year. We will face weaker defenses (and some better) along the way. He could have even better stats than that.
  7. Maybe he was reading the plays right, but Peyton is so bad ass, hed just check down. Looked like he checked down alot.
  8. If it was a real game, we would have went heavey with the run, till get they gave up the cover 2. Eli would have looked alot better than he did.
  9. Its all good. Steping stones to the power house, that is us this season.
  10. I was going to bring this up this morning. I came in here several times this morning, but no. No one gives a shit that the Giants just treated KC like they were a read headed step child. Now preseason means nothing. But you can come away with a good feeling after this game. Looks like there were a couple of injuries though.
  11. JayD

    Rob Johnson

    Even though he looks like the worst QB on the roster?
  12. Only to those who dont know any better. Seems like I gotta go through this every year. Preseason means NOTHING. Alot of starters werent even in the game. Mcnair (being the great competitor he is) Went all out like it was the super bowl. DT did look soft though. But after this week, I think there going to come out much stronger. And if they dont, theres a couple good kids in the background that im sure will be more than willing to take there shot. There were no injuries that game, so its win win for us all around. Camp is brutal. Look around the NFL. There are teams alot worse off than we are at this point.
  13. OMG, it was a couple drives. In PRESEASON. We will play better this week, and you can all stop your crying.
  14. Seems to me, he didnt just use his speed to get around the corner. But was in fact using Vet type moves like Strahan to get around the corner. Spin moves swiming moves. Kid had a sack and a half, and did it with skill, speed and strength. Looking forward to his developement
  15. Good post. Couple of things though. I think your giving philly to much credit. Sure, they got mcnabb, but not much else, on offense anyway. We will sweep them. Seahawks game could go either way. But I think we will still have a really bad taste in our mouths cause of last time. I think theres a better chance we win that game, then lose it. I do agree we'll go 1-1 vs the skins, but the other way around. Especialy if both Lavar and AP are still healthy for that game. AP last year was the main reason our D did so well against the skins. And you know Lavar is going to come out swinging that game.
  16. Jacobs will be ready whenever Tiki decides to retire.
  17. I dont know why I dont come here. Im as Blue as you can be. I went to Giants stadium and helped set up there new website. I have a entire room decked out in to watch the games every Sunday. I'll stop in more often Jacobs is a beast.
  18. Better that this section die, then allow those fools back.
  19. All I know is, if I gave Shock a black eye, the whole damn world would know about it. Even if I lost the fight.
  20. It wont be great, but it will be better than 3 mill. We have alot of cuts as well. An at least one retirement.
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