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  1. 4 hours ago, Sephiroth said:

    First of all, it's great to see you my man.

    I've been hearing this line of thinking quite a bit, and my problem with it is that it still doesn't jive. In the three drafts Gettleman had before this one, he's selected three O-linemen. In those same drafts, he's picked seven DBs.  Last year, our defensive backfield was a strength, with two excellent starters, a promising rookie backup, a serviceable swing guy, and now two starting caliber corners to pair with two nice looking slot CBs. We even have a 3rd round supplemental guy that you can hope for if you wanna throw him in.

    On the line? We got rid of our best player and replaced him with the Texans worst lineman. At center and LT, we have two guys who look pretty good, but the rest of the line is either us hoping other guys pan out or hoping below-average players suddenly look better than they have to this point.

    I always say the team with the least amount of "ifs" is the one who'll win the division, but right now on offense it's, "If the LT and C are for real and if we can fine a Guard and if the RT pans out and if the QB finally gains some pocket presence and is for real we might be pretty good."

    That's way too many "ifs" for my liking. For the record, I hope I'm wrong.


    Great to see you as well brother. 

    No I feel ya. It just might end up doing nothing to improve the line will bite us in the ass. That’s certainly possible. I just think with how competitive we were in many of those loses last year, these new guys could be the difference. Maybe not blowing out teams, but being the one who kicked the last second field goal to win, instead of that happening to us. 

    I think this is a better team than it was last year. I also think the defense is gonna be lights out. We might not be ready for the big show yet, but I think we will see a playoff game or two. 

    Crossing fingers. 

  2. Far as I’m concerned, and I know you guys have been chomping at the bit to get my insight :unsure: lol this draft was a home run. 

    I don’t really care much what happens after the third round, it’s rare anything comes from the guys past it. All three look like they could develop into good players. 

    Sure I would have liked to see a offensive lineman in the top 3, but last year we went heavy Oline in the draft. At some point you have to go with what you have. 

    I think some of you are underestimating the improvements the line made during the coarse of last year. Most of these guys are really young, and I see no reason to believe that won’t continue. I can see them being at least average by seasons end. Bottom line, we really needed play makers. Between FA and this draft, NTM Barkely coming back we certainly have some now. 

    Have a great slot guy. We have a couple deep threats, and that should back defenses off enough to run the ball effectively. Remember we were just a few dropped passes away from winning some of those games last year. I can see a 10-11 game win record. In this division that should be more than enough to earn a playoff spot. 

  3. 2 hours ago, Sephiroth said:

    I've been warming up on him a lot too, especially if the "big-4" of receivers is gone.  He's not a mauler but his footwork and technique are amazing.  Incredibly smart too.  Looks like a Judge guy. 

    I love that we have a coach where phrases like “a Judge guy” really means something. 

  4. Every time I think of these new offensive weapons, I can’t help but to think man, if Barkely can come back 100%, or even 80-90%, this just gets ridiculous. 

    If Garret can put up a competent game plan that uses our strengths, this team is gonna score a lot of points. I think that’s true even without Barkely. With him, damn....

  5. 51 minutes ago, Nas said:

    I doubt rookies are going to come in and make instant impact... at least nothing meaningful.    There were times when the OL played well last year and I expect that to continue if not improve.     I'd still want to see the OL built through the draft and in 2 years time we should have a solid OL.  

    I’m expecting the online to make good strides this season. Especially from the rookies last year. We all saw a pretty remarkable improvement after the coaching switch. 

    Im not saying they are suddenly going to be awesome or anything like that, but definitely improved. Heck Solder in  more of a back up roll could be a really good fit.  

  6. 7 hours ago, mastershake said:

    Yeah, two 1,000 yard seasons prior to the injury, and on a mediocre team. We wouldn't be getting a DeAndre Hopkins or Davonte Adams caliber player (elite top 5), but definitely top 10-20 WR in the league, maybe even fringe top 10. Definitely a solid #1.

    Obviously I’m no expert, but I was watching some tape from 2019. I think it’s very possible as he enters the twilight of his prime, if in the right situation, he could easily separate from the pack and end up in the top 5. 

    Now whether the Giants are the right situation remains to be seen, in fact that isn’t very likely as of right now. Still though, he could make a major difference on this offense. 

  7. 11 minutes ago, K3VIN said:

    I mean he really only had one good season. He really hasn’t proved him self as a #1

    He’s had two over a thousand yard seasons. Last one scored 11 td’s. Last year was down with a hip injury. 

    He’s a proven number 1. And is in his prime. Imagine him and Barkely in full health? 

  8. 1 minute ago, BlueInCanada said:

    I don't see it as much of a replacement as; as have Rudolph, Toililolilololllo, and Smith at TE as well Engram. 

    One of these guys can be cut without any penalty and save 6.6 million in cap space.

    And we won't have to watch the ball be tipped into the air seven times a year and picked off by the opposing team.

    If we need the cap space to sign say Golladay or a vet Olineman. 

    Engrams is looking pretty easily cut at the moment.

    I hope so. DG seemed pretty high on Engram still, somehow. I'd love to see Engram get another chance, someplace else. 

  9. As much as we would love to see Williams return, it’s just bad business. Even with a restructured contract he is just going to cost too much. To many needs.  

    Also while it makes sense to be concerned about the O-line, I believe Judge is on to something when he says these rookies from last year just need more time to develop. We might not be as bad off as it appears.

    Towards the end of the year and after a coaching change, they did improve. 

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