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  1. well said Nutty ( it is hard to believe sometimes that we all passionately support the G men )
  2. WHAT A FUCKING MARVELLOUS THREAD This is why the boards are so entertaining !
  3. Nutty , i grant it that you are probably the most constructive of the fag 4 , but i fail to see the logic in Lockhart's wish that Eli fails in October ... then in disarray we hand over to Fiedler .. and somehow we then have a great season. This is simply nonsense. Eli will indeed ( and needs to ) work hard in offseason and preseason . I agree But we have embarked upon and are committed to Eli for at least 1 more year Do you really think that 11-5 was a total disaster and Eli showed no promise. I dont Yes the end was horrible , he has a lot to learn Fiedler however is not the knee jerk answer
  4. more like a Princess Di Barney ( with 3 orifices )
  5. actually i am HRH Prince Charles ( please dont tell anyone that i had that bitch killed in Paris )
  6. and i quote ' if David Niven were alive today he would turn in his grave at that thought'
  7. very entertaining thread ..... well done ( ps. i preferred the name Disaster .... it was more apt )
  8. Sadly the Fag 1 or 4 do actually really want Eli to fail ..... and with it all of next season. It is difficult to assign any credibility to those who simply spit venom and hatred at Eli , Plax , Shockey , Joseph , Feely , EA ....... the list goes on. I used to give them the benefit of the doubt that they were attempting to be constructively critical. That view has long since diminished !
  9. I like to think that you really do passionately care about the Giants, Lockhart. I hope sometimes that your endless , tedious , rant and bluster is all in a constructive good cause That the constant bile, venom and hatred towards Eli, Plax, Shockey Joseph and EA will actually somehow be a constructive positive for the G men I am yet to be convinced But good luck in your goal sir ( whatever it may be ! )
  10. Nice one Mr Clemens. When a person cannot deceive himself ( Lockhart ) the chances are against his being able to deceive others.
  11. do you really hate Eli as much as it appears you do Barney ?
  12. we don't need him we can't afford him he is trouble ! TC would hate his attitude we should concentrate on strengthening our D ( especially LB ) not our O the 3rd WR spot only should be in our considerations at present IMO
  13. a fine end, Lockhart and Nutty to a very poor thread .... you are poets of sorts ! ( ps. i still think that the fag 4 are delusional arrogant troublemakers ) good evening from the UK
  14. i vote for Lockhart as head coach ( whilst on the subject of worst ideas ever ! )
  15. i agree he can no longer be considered a credible starter ..... but is there any truth in the rumour ?
  16. both i suppose .... at least you are very entertaining !
  17. now why did i expect that response from you Carbo ..... uncanny !
  18. my contact at PA sports ( Press Association ) in the UK is hearing rumours from the US that Collins has been approached by the G men to become back up to Eli i know this sounds crazy and absurd ..... but are you guys hearing any evidence of this over there ?
  19. You can thank Eli , Feely and Joseph for having pride and belief in our Giants team You can thank the Fag 4 for constant hatred and negativity
  20. Lloyd , Randle El, Fauria , Archueta ..... God next When are this lot going to stop ! Surely they will pay for this extravagance in 2 years time when they fall apart
  21. dirty deeds done dirt cheap 1976... as your sig suggests... nice !
  22. i would rather eat my own earwax than read any more of this thread !
  23. you make a good vaid point Floyd and i agree with you
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