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  1. This. In retrospect, SB is a great talent but all for nothing if you don't have an OLine... The Giants continue to draft shit and this is where we are.
  2. Nas

    Bud Dupree

    So this guy caught my attention playing against us... dude was fast, strong, and looks like a super athlete out there... then I hear the annoucner said "selected in the first round in 2015"... I decided to google that draft: Player Pos. Team Grade 1 Jameis Winston QB Buccaneers 97 2 Marcus Mariota QB Titans 93 3 Dante Fowler Jr. DE Jaguars 93 4 Amari Cooper WR Raiders
  3. This is shaping up to be a very long afternoon.
  4. I'm still upset over letting Odell go... Having him AND Slayton on the team would have been superb...
  5. Torn Meniscus doesn't just happen, it starts with a tiny tare and slowly gets worse... You actually don't feel it during the game but the pain after when your body cools down becomes annoying... so much so that I was limping for 3 weeks after a game (soccer, football, basketball). That's when I decided to have surgery... Recovery is very quick especially for a young guy.
  6. How do I know? You brought it up.
  7. I know nothing about him. Thanks for your insight. ummm where u been?
  8. That's the spirit. Btw I didn't even know McKinney was hurt.
  9. Is this Madjack in the GIF?
  10. It's from being out of shape then trying to make for up for the laziness in a couple of days....
  11. I demand an apology for this. This brings so many bad already forgotten memories...
  12. I think it had more to do with the OL than the RB... A runner is a runner... give him a lane and he'll get you more than 1 yard.
  13. Still improved... You have to build your OL somehow... and the draft is how Dallas did it.. it does take a few years but at least we're now addressing it unlike years past.
  14. Thanks, man. I was drawing blanks.. thought we signed a FA lol.
  15. Yea I see your point... The dude was phenomenal but made some boneheaded career/professional decisions.
  16. As a football player, Tiki was outstanding... the whole hate on him, if you wanna call it that, is because he's acted like a dick... I don't hate him and I'm sure many of us here don't "hate" him... we just think he's a dick...
  17. I love Bradshaw... he was pound for pound the biggest man on the field....hands down.
  18. Well damn I didn't know that... I recant my earlier statement.
  19. It's a fucking shame no one interested in him... he plays hard... probably harder than anyone on that defense... Fuck is wrong with Getty... pay the man n stop being a dick, dick.
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