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  1. My recollection is he wanted Detroit over NY regardless of the timing of signing.
  2. Remember the Giants had to settle for Shurmer after they lost out to Detroit for the guy who used to work for the guy with thing.
  3. Coughlin needed to go.. he'd sucked for many many years. The problem is the FO didn't find a better replacement.. they found worse.
  4. lol.. white women (or men for that matter) don't age well.
  5. Hold your horses... this team sucks regardless of who the QB is. Jones has been a bright spot on this otherwise pathetic team... his turnover problem is no worse that Eli's. I'm not sure why do this now and for what reason... The only thing I can think of is it's genius because you really want that #1 or #2 pick in the draft so why not throw the rusty QB and preserve the young one for a better season... Brilliant.
  6. I wouldn't give up a 4th for him given how oft injured he is... dude is made of glass it seems.
  7. That train has left the station guys.. dude is hands down the greatest coach of all time and is about to retire... sorry I'm not old enough to know anyone better.
  8. He had a really bad game... I’m not going to crucify him for it.
  9. How did the 9ers turn their ship around? How old is their coach?
  10. Hey were on track to pick 3rd... silver lining.
  11. A bit too harsh dont you think? We have some very young talent.. Barkley, DJ, all those rookie CBs... granted we need a shit ton of players
  12. Which is why the FO was blown up... they brought in Getty so let's give the guy some time to fix this mess....
  13. I don't know what to make a of a half good LT... to me he sucks...
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