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  1. I remember last year the brats stayed in Miami. Did they make it up to east rutherford this time? Did manning go down to Miami? Or did they not work together like im assuming?
  2. The unit is weak w/o Pierce, with him they are one of the best, for he is one of the best
  3. I never had a porb with them, just found it creepy that they needed to constantly pat each others back to feel secure. Be a man for christ sakes, not a closet homo. The only thing more disturbing is that these other men like donsalez are crying for them to be un-banned Listen jerkys, they are not coming back. To be a pest on your own is one thing, but when you need three other dudes to troll your back is just ridiculous
  4. Yeah but what if everyone can block but you have no HBs or QB like the Jets? I never believed in taking an O lineman with the first pick he usually doesnt live up to standards and an Offensice line is like one big unit. If everyone is on the same page, the whole line will be good. If they have no confidence, they will all suck.
  5. exit 117 abondoned the Jets after his idol Herm Edwards left for KC
  6. Just like the girls in your school, nobody cares what you have to say
  7. No team im ever on would get away with that shit. I'd fucking diss the losers I dont give a fuck. Wimps, get paid millions and your psyche is so fragile you cant get your head out of your ass. They are an embarassment to NY!
  8. if they dont cut it to at least a one goal lead this period off it goes and in goes suikoden V
  9. Did you mean to diss the rangers on purpose? :lol:
  10. He's an ignorant nitwit who once tried to play hockey but got knocked on his ass now he's a big shit talker
  11. Id like to see them just make it a game
  12. yeah thats what my buddy says he likes the brown pants I dont the red, white and blue were the shit I cant believe they ditched the red and white. But then again just think we could be stuck with those green pos the jets wear
  13. the old uniforms were much better with the red and white stripe on the sleeves
  14. Storm, trust me, short is nothing to come over. Takeo Spikes would be something to get excited over
  15. I use to play with him on maddens, and he was allergic to making tackles like the teenagers are on this board about banging the hot, popular girls
  16. Brando who? the little train that couldnt?
  17. Dont know much about "thug" mentality I see Mr. "baseball is my passion"
  18. You guys suck too much ESPN dick where thugs are praised and worshipped. Most of you dudes are bitching about Plax at the end of last season. You have no clue what ME-shawn is about, obviously
  19. ps the guy who wrote this article is a bigger dipshit than motes and so is everyone else who would love to see ME-shawn wearing Giants blue
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