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  1. I’m taking a weekend trip north. Won’t have an opportunity to watch. I hope they pull it off. Giants lose by 3 injuries.
  2. Yeah but come on, it’s way past time we should be seeing some results by now.
  3. ESPN NFL analysts absolutely crush Giants’ Joe Judge for ‘the stupidest thing ever’ https://www.nj.com/giants/2021/10/espn-nfl-analysts-absolutely-crush-giants-joe-judge-for-the-stupidest-thing-ever.html
  4. Would have blamed Coughlin if he was coach.
  5. fire this asshole before anyone else gets hurt.
  6. Yeah he was waived injured and put on IR.
  7. It would also be pretty cool if one of them said “shit, my paycheck hits the same whether is a win or loss”
  8. Should or shouldn’t, he is. If we want to evaluate him, I’d rather keep him healthy for meaningful snaps where you can actually evaluate him. Not really getting much in garbage time.
  9. I don’t think I’m rating him at all. He’s an injury prone starting qb in the last few minutes of a blowout.
  10. Is it playing the hindsight game if I thought the same thing when I saw the score and saw he was still in at the end?
  11. He didn’t really need to be in there at the end of the game in a blowout though.
  12. oh no I was being serious. Your joke setup happened to be a spot on comment though lol.
  13. Good point. IF he does, then I expect to see it.
  14. Remember when Coughlin was derided and literally called an asshole here for winning “meaningless” games? When does Judge start getting the same treatment a 2 time super bowl winning head coach got?
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