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  1. No you don’t get a comp pick for players you cut. Only for players who’s contracts had ended.
  2. https://twitter.com/art_stapleton/status/1329110696190242818?s=21
  3. If I’m taking a contract on the cheap it wouldn’t be with the team who cut me before my charges were dropped. Unless we are the only team who offers him a contract I just don’t see it.
  4. I said from the beginning it sounded like bullshit. But we cut him.
  5. I bet Jackson can get to 21mph way quicker though hahah.
  6. I know you guys are probably just talking out of emotion after a bad game, but you shouldn’t trade someone when his stock is at its lowest.
  7. Hahah yeah. But trading him after his worst performance isn’t really the best way to do it haha.
  8. Andrew Thomas impresses in his debut against one of the best defensive lines in the NFL and was the Giants highest graded OL last night. Graded right in the same cluster as fellow rookies Jedrick Wills and Tristan Wirfs in week 1. https://twitter.com/pff_giants/status/1305880423218778114?s=21
  9. #Giants #Fackrell on graham - 3-4 scheme here is similar to what was done in green bay, but with more creativity.....martinez has stepped up as a leader here https://twitter.com/giantswfan/status/1298712973494505477?s=21
  10. I had no clue, anyone here ever read this?
  11. I think Kanell and Graham we’re both better than Brown.
  12. I’ll never forgive Ben McAdoo for benching Eli for fuckin Geno Smith.
  13. Giants fans are so miserable these days the cameras will probably pick up audio from jersey living rooms.
  14. Maybe I’m remembering wrong, yes Leonard played de for us last year, when we were in the 3-4, and would slide inside when a 4 man front was used. Really we will probably see both of our lineups this year.
  15. I envision a base of something like: Dexter-Tomlinson-Leonard Williams Golden-Martinez-Connelly-Fackrell/Carter/Ximines(whoever wins out) Beal-Peppers-McKinley-Bradberry. A 4-3 base would you put Leonard at an end? I don’t see him as a 4-3 de. And how are the linebackers playing out in a 4-3? Move Connelly to one of the olb spots and then who is the other one?
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