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  1. Either way the giants clearly made the right choice.
  2. I think when they decided to draft a new qb, if the writing wasn’t already on the wall, that’s when it sealed his fate.
  3. I like to believe they are all together watching OAN or newsmax on Osis tv that rises up from the floor in his basement.
  4. Damn. Sucks he never got another head coaching job.
  5. Well he put Binghamton NY as his hometown or whatever in his bbi profile. Hopefully he stays in Virginia.
  6. Wait this fuckin guy lives in Binghamton? Just looked at his profile on bbi I feel like that’s too many piece of shit Republican giants fans for one area.
  7. I didn’t say hate or like the giants. I said enjoy.
  8. Damn dude do you actually enjoy the giants?
  9. Remember Coughlin, I swear half the board blames him for injuries still happening to this team.
  10. I wouldn’t be surprised to see either of/or both of them not make the team.
  11. I think Carter is on the bubble just as much as Ximines if not more. Both were injured, both flashed. At least Ximines has two years left on his rookie contract.
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