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  1. Probably. Giants fans are pretty insufferable right now.
  2. Martinez is an improvement over Ogletree. Bradberry, Baker and Beal is better than just Baker and Beal.
  3. I’ve always kinda liked him.
  4. I actually like that Gettleman is trusting the coaches. I remember that being an area of concern, that Gettleman is going to just keep doing his thing without listening to coaching staff.
  5. I don’t know, but it’s not the first or last time someone excelled in one system over others.
  6. Golden earned himself some money, but what he proved was he can get sacks in Bettchers system, we don’t have bettchers system anymore.
  7. Latino? His first name is Blake, that shit wipes out any Latino blood in his body.
  8. Pdouble


    We should if he’s cheap though.
  9. I could see them signing Halapio to a deal cheaper than a tender, I feel like I’ve seen them do that before.
  10. Contract ends right when we have to pay Jones.
  11. The pick is only a fourth if we sign him long term before the start of the new season.
  12. I’m not upset here’s why. We tag him, we’ve got the cap room, we were gonna spend enough this offseason where we wouldn’t get any comp pick for Williams. Tag him, if a long term deal doesn’t get done let him walk next offseason where we may not be making the big purchases and get a comp pick.
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