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  1. Is it irony? That the first time I’m hearing it this cycle is from your thread? Hahah.
  2. Even if the Texans are willing to move him, other teams may not like the asking price. According to the team source, per Allbright, the Texans would need three first-round picks, three second-round picks and a Pro Bowl-caliber player to consider a deal. Quite the price.
  3. I think it’s because Mariota looked great spelling Carr.
  4. I prefer the other guys but I’d be cool with it.
  5. Pdouble


    Maybe it was all traded for Eli’s Ironman shit he had going on.
  6. Pdouble


    I think Toomer might have been the last wr we had that didn’t get cut down in his prime.
  7. Yeah I suggested him right when our draft position came out.
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