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  1. Him and Williams are both putting together a nice season.
  2. First game I didn’t watch a minute of and they won.
  3. I’m taking a weekend trip north. Won’t have an opportunity to watch. I hope they pull it off. Giants lose by 3 injuries.
  4. Yeah but come on, it’s way past time we should be seeing some results by now.
  5. ESPN NFL analysts absolutely crush Giants’ Joe Judge for ‘the stupidest thing ever’ https://www.nj.com/giants/2021/10/espn-nfl-analysts-absolutely-crush-giants-joe-judge-for-the-stupidest-thing-ever.html
  6. Would have blamed Coughlin if he was coach.
  7. fire this asshole before anyone else gets hurt.
  8. Yeah he was waived injured and put on IR.
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