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  1. jints thanks man thats the one i suggested, need the other giants fans to agree with me now hahahaha
  2. need ideas for an avatar for some redskins fans to rock thanks
  3. yeah pierce may be facing some charges of his own
  4. well to be fair he was there with antonio pierce, do you think hes crying for attention as well?
  5. with the recent developments im thankful for our depth at wide receiver
  6. Plaxico Burress was hospitalized last night after a loaded gun he was carrying accidentally fired, causing injuries to his leg that are not life-threatening, according to a person with knowledge of the situation. The incident is believed to have occurred at a club in New York City, where Burress was reportedly with several teammates, the source said. Earlier on Friday Burress had been declared out of Sunday's game against the Redskins in Washington with a hamstring injury. The Giants have acknowledged the shooting and are expected to release a statement shortly. so he was believed to be at a club, but he was there with teammates.
  7. seems to be the consensus that he was in a club probably shouldnt have been there but have any charges been pressed against him?
  8. but was he indeed in a club? again, i havent read that anywhere
  9. did it happen at a club? havent read that yet
  10. nevermind i found it why is the discount going away if i choose a size other than xxl
  11. im looking and cant find it what happened were you fuckin with me?
  12. finally ive been wanting a feagles jersey for so long
  13. i certainly would love to get down on a group game at giants stadium. and bigblue im an hour south of syracuse i think we talked about this but maybe ill slide up and we can get some berrrrs or something
  14. have fun wish i coulda somehow gone out there
  15. we take an 11 mil cap hit to get rid of burress hes staying
  16. i think joseph is just happy to be on a team
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