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  1. Pugh is a solid guard in the league. To me that’s worth the 19th pick. The problem is we tried to play him on the right side.
  2. I was still in on Eli so I wanted Saquon I think, but the QB I liked that year was Rosen. I don’t know what the deal is with him though but I liked him.
  3. With our o-line they will all be rendered useless anyway, so we should have IR’d them and just let this season be an audition for bottom of the roster guys. how’d I do?
  4. I read he looked terrible in the preseason and if he’s fighting an injury maybe teams are staying away because of that. He did seem like a logical waiver claim.
  5. I forgot who I initially saw say it but… and I believe this guys a Detroit beat writer maybe they are working on an injury settlement with him and that’s why there isn’t more out right now on it.
  6. Crosby made it through waivers and is now on Detroit’s IR.
  7. I think I wanted us to sign this guy to the actual roster, maybe they will.
  8. Didnt he lead the nation in college sacks last year?
  9. Giants have claimed DL/OLB Quincy Roche, LB Justin Hilliard and Collin Johnson
  10. Word out of ravens camp is that Villanueva has actually been struggling so far.
  11. Some of these writers are really locked in, I read one yesterday that predicted them carrying both. I forget who it was, I bet they had a source inside or something.
  12. This guy was a long time oline coach in the league.
  13. Funny part, he became expendable because they signed Zeitler.
  14. The writers who kept predicting it cited Gillaspia being great on specials and Penny showing he can carry the ball and lead block.
  15. So far, the Giants have released QB: B. Lewarke RB. C. Clement WR A. Bachman WR A. Mack WR D. Sills WR. D. Willis WR M. Cole TE N. Griffin-Stewart OL J. Harrison OL K. Wiggins OL J. Burton OL B. Heggie OL C. Slade DL I. Odenigbo DL N. Lalos DL. W. Henry LB D. Downs DB M. Harper
  16. Odenigbo cut. Surprised he didn’t fit better.
  17. They IR’d Lamp first. maybe not the guy for us.
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