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  1. and in 2007, without Eli they’d be the defense that ALMOST stopped Brady and the undefeated greatest team ever.
  2. He has his 5th year option next year we picked up for $7.2 mil. that would probably be his 1 year prove it deal.
  3. Yeah we’d all love to go undefeated. Meanwhile I’ll always take an ugly win over a good looking loss.
  4. Im all about wins. I’m not interested in moral victories.
  5. If everything was the same but we squeaked out a win id be happy.
  6. Actually if my math is right Coughlin was 4-8 in week 1.
  7. Strangely, Coughlin lost week 1 in both the seasons we won Super Bowls.
  8. Panthers cut Santoso. We don’t get the pick.
  9. There’s also a bong in that picture I forgot to put away.
  10. you want some meatballs? I made like a million and it was just me my cousin and grandpa. My wife also had soft pretzel bites, buff chicken dip, chocolate chip cookies, brownies, French onion dip, charcuterie.
  11. Best part of the game for me, Grandpa and Frank being best friends. Looking great for 91.
  12. Yeah. I also thought Dex, Leo, and Danny Shelton got good pressure up the middle, Lorenzo Carter just doesn’t seem like a good player. the coaching was what me and my cousin found ourselves bitching about the most. Well that and the commentary “how cool is Teddy Bridgewater”, we spent the rest of the game saying shit like that.
  13. Golladay looked fuckin good too as advertised. Ojulari got his first sack.
  14. I thought the coaching was the worst part to be honest.
  15. Always excited for the season. Having my grandfather over to watch the game.
  16. At least that’s the reaction we’d want to see.
  17. Pugh is a solid guard in the league. To me that’s worth the 19th pick. The problem is we tried to play him on the right side.
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